Kingsoul and Void Heart in Hollow Knight.

How to Get Void Heart in Hollow Knight

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Void Heart is an item in Hollow Knight which has a very unique function. It has lore implications and it opens up new possibilities in terms of progression. Here are the steps you need to take to get it.

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    What Does Void Heart Do?

    Collecting the Void Heart charm in Hollow Knight.

    Before you proceed on your journey to acquire the Void Heart charm, it’s important that you know exactly what the charm will do for you. This particular charm doesn’t give you bonuses offensively and defensively. Instead, it allows you to reach various endings and have access to the final Pantheon in the Godmaster DLC.

    The Void Heart charm remains permanently with you as soon as you acquire it, which means there is no way of unequipping it. Thankfully, the charm doesn’t have a notch cost.

    How to Get Void Heart

    The first thing you’ll need to acquire to get Void Heart is the Kingsoul. Once the correct conditions are met, the Kingsoul will automatically transform into the Void Heart charm.

    Collecting the Kingsoul charm in Hollow Knight.

    To get the Kingsoul, you’ll need to collect two White Fragments. One White Fragment is given to you by the White Lady, an NPC located in the Queen’s Gardens. She is at the most top left section of the map. Her location can only be accessed after defeating the Traitor Lord. Refer to the image below for her exact location.

    The location of the White Lady in Hollow Knight.

    The second White Fragment is at the end of the White Palace level. This area is notorious for being the toughest platforming level of the game. To get to the White Palace, you’ll first need to awaken your Dream Nail, which can be done by collecting 1,800 Essence. Essence can be gathered by defeating Dream Bosses, Warrior Dreams, and activating Whispering Roots.

    Collecting the Awoken Dream Nail in Hollow Knight.

    Once you’ve collected 1,800 Essence, return to the Seer to awaken your Dream Nail. You can then travel to the Palace Grounds, using it to strike the white armor laying on the ground. Afterward, you’ll find yourself in the White Palace.

    The entrance to the White Palace.

    Traversing the White Palace is a tedious task, but it can be made easier with the Hiveblood charm. This will allow you to maintain substantial units of health as you progress through the level. Once you finally reach the top of the map, you will find the corpse of the Pale King. Attack his body until he drops the second White Fragment. Pick it up to form the Kingsoul.

    Once you have the Kingsoul equipped, head to The Abyss and reach the bottom of the chasm. The ground will open up here only if you have the Kingsoul charm equipped. It leads to a new location known as the Birthplace.

    The entrance to the Birthplace in Hollow Knight.

    Progress through this section until you reach a black egg. Use the Dream Nail on this egg to trigger a scene where you’re back at the bottom of The Abyss. Make your way to the very top, wait for the little cutscene to end, and the Kingsoul will automatically transform into the Void Heart charm right then.