The Teacher from the Fog Canyon in Hollow Knight.

Hollow Knight: Returning to Fog Canyon for The Teacher

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You’ve visited Fog Canyon already, but this time, you’ll explore it even further as you make your way through to the Teacher’s Archives in Hollow Knight.

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    Returning to Fog Canyon

    Take any Stag Station and make your way to the Queen’s Station in Fungal Wastes. Exit the station, start climbing, and reach the entrance on the upper-left section. Enter the opening here to arrive at Fog Canyon once again.

    You’ve already been here before, but you haven’t bought its map yet. Cornifer is blocked by a Shade Gate, but now that you have the Shade Cloak, getting through it won’t be a problem anymore.

    Once you’re at the bottom of Fog Canyon, start making your way up. At the very top, take the entrance on the left. From here, make your way up again. Only this time, take the entrance on the right once you reach the top-most area of this section.

    The Knight facing an entrance that leads to another room in Fog Canyon.

    Begin making your way east from here. Dash through the Shade Gate when you come across it. In the area past the Shade Gate, take the platforms and make your way up. Jump then onto the area on the left. Head onwards and you’ll promptly find Cornifer here. Buy the map from him for 150 Geos.

    The Knight meeting Cornifer in Fog Canyon.

    After buying the Map, return to the area below and proceed east. In the next room, you’ll find big orange balls covered by bubbles on the ground. Don’t step on these as they explode upon impact. Keep proceeding to the right until you reach the next area.

    You’ll then arrive at another tall cavern filled with electric bugs, Uomas, and Oomas. The entrance to the Teacher’s Archives is at the bottom of this cavern. At the top, you’ll find another entrance that leads to a room containing a Charm Notch. Take the time to claim the Charm Notch before heading down.

    The entrance to the room the Charm Notch is located just above you. It’s on the left side of the cavern. Enter the room and you’ll be greeted by multiple Uomas and Oomas. There are also a lot of orange balls on the ground, so be sure to watch out for them. You can get rid of them by hitting them with Shade Soul.

    Make your way to the end of this area and you’ll eventually come across the Charm Notch.

    The Knight standing on the location of a Charm Notch in Fog Canyon.

    Once that’s done, make your way back outside and descend to the very bottom of this cavern. You’ll then see an entrance to your left. Enter it and proceed onwards to the next room. You’ll then find Quirrel here, standing just outside the Teacher’s Archives.

    The Knight standing outside the Teacher's Archives.

    The Teacher’s Archives

    Head inside and continue walking to the right. When you see an elevated platform above you, jump on top of it, and then jump onto the next one above that as well. There’s a bench here you can rest at. Take advantage of this bench before continuing.

    The Knight resting at a bench in the Teacher's Archives.

    Once done, head below and enter the hole in the ground. This next area is filled with electric bugs and a few Uomas and Oomas. Carefully make your way to the right and start going down then. Walk to the left, drop down, then head to the right.

    Drop down into the acid pool below, swim to the left, and jump into the gap. You’ll then arrive at a massive arena where you’ll need to defeat a boss named Uumuu before you can continue.

    Defeating Uumuu

    The Knight facing Uumuu in the Teacher's Archives.

    Uumuu isn’t a very difficult boss, but it can still deplete all of your masks if you’re not careful. It only has two different attacks.

    One is where it summons electric orbs in your position, ever following you for about six seconds. You’ll know this is about to happen as a bright electric orb will begin to formulate around you before it can materialize and damage you. Move as frequently as you can until Uumuu stops.

    The second is when it fills up the entire arena with small lightning orbs. Your best option is to stay at the southeasternmost platform as the lightning orbs rarely hit this area.

    Quirrel will then join the fight after a few moments. You won’t be able to damage Uumuu until Quirrel slashes it down, leaving it vulnerable for a few seconds. This is your opening. Damage Uumuu as greatly as you can during this time window. Once it closes, you’ll need to wait again for Quirrel to give you an opening.

    Just keep dodging away its attacks and wait for Quirrel to attack Uumuu. After a few clean hits, Uumuu should fall.

    Finding the Teacher

    After the fight, walk to your left and drop down to the very bottom. From here, walk to your right and into the pool of acid. Keep swimming until you pass under the second opening above. Climb up from here and you’ll see a massive tank. Stand on the right side of the tank and Quirrel will stand next to you. Interact with Quirrel and he’ll summon the body of the Teacher, which will then appear inside the tank.

    The Knight standing next to the tank that contains the Teacher.

    This is your opportunity to Dream Nail her. Once you get in the Dream World, head towards the Teacher. Keep attacking her, and then absorb her. That fulfills your purpose here in the Fog Canyon.

    The Next Step

    You’ve now destroyed two Dreamers. Only one to go, and he’s located in the City of Tears. For now, leave the Teacher’s Archives and return to the Stag Station.