Chapter 1: Inside the Walls from Stray.

Stray: Chapter 1 – Inside the Walls Walkthrough

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When the last vestiges of human civilization crumble into a near-forgotten memory, a unique survivor emerges from the shadows, ready to reclaim the silent city. It’s not a superhero, nor a legendary warrior, but an ordinary, yet resourceful stray cat.

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    Stray: Chapter 1 – Inside the Walls Video Walkthrough

    The Journey Begins

    As soon as the introduction cutscene finishes and you’re able to take control of the cat, approach each of the cats with you and interact or play with them.  Each cat will fall asleep on the cross-shaped fabric on the left side of this area. Once all three cats are lying down, approach them and sleep next to them. Let the cutscene play out.

    The Stray cat from Stray sleeping with its fellow cat companions.

    After the cutscene, continue heading forward with your fellow cats. This is essentially the tutorial area where you’ll be taught how to do things such as jump onto ledges, chain jump, crawl under short gaps, and even how to meow. When reaching the area where you’re facing a railing and there’s a waterfall ahead, look to your right and jump onto the higher ledge.

    The Stray cat exploring the insides of the wall in Stray.

    Continue heading forward from here. You’ll pass through a couple of puddles along the way. You can drink from these puddles if you want. It’s not necessary and it doesn’t do anything gameplay-wise, but you have the option to do so if you want to go all-in as a cat. Besides, it looks fairly cute. The other cats will do it as well.

    Continue forward, then jump onto the pipes below to get to the area ahead. Continue pressing forward and you’ll be taught how to do chain jumps. Jump to the pipes on the right, walk down, and then jump to the area ahead.

    Keep heading forward from here until you get to an area where you’ll have to walk under a short gap. Walk forward, and observe the area ahead, as prompted by the game. Jump onto the metal bars ahead to get across. Once you get to the next area, a cutscene will play out. Be warned: The scene ahead can be painful to watch, especially if you’re fond of cats.

    The Stray cat on a pipe in Stray.

    With that, you’re done with the first chapter of Stray. Now it’s time to head into the belly of the Walled City of Kowloon, starting with the Dead City.

    Chapter 2 - Dead City