The Dead City from Stray.

Stray: Chapter 2 – Dead City Walkthrough

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After the terrible cutscene at the end of Chapter 1, the cat will eventually regain consciousness.

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    Stray: Chapter 2 – Dead City Video Walkthrough

    Arriving at the Dead City

    Walk forward and the cat will limp for a few steps before falling unconscious again. A cutscene will play out during this time, teasing the Zurks, the enemies you’ll encounter throughout the game. After the cutscene, walk forward, then pass through the short gap under the entrance to the tunnel on the right.

    Passing under a door that leads to the Dead City in Stray.

    You’ll then arrive at the Dead City. Continue moving forward. Don’t mind the Zurks ahead. Jump onto the garbage bin before the rails, then jump to the canopy above. Jump back down to the ground from here and continue heading forward. At the end of this path, a neon sign on the wall ahead will light up, revealing a word that says “help”, with two arrows next to it pointing to the right.

    A neon sign that says "help" in Stray.

    These arrows point where you should go next. That said, from where you are, jump to the wooden plank on the water ahead and continue jumping to the barrels ahead until you can jump to the back of an AC unit on the wall under the neon sign. Jump to the pipe next to the AC unit and continue traversing forward until you’re on land again. Follow where the arrows are pointing and jump to the partially open wall grate ahead.

    A series of TVs that directs the cat in Stray.

    Stopping an Exhaust Fan

    On the next area, walk to the right side and you’ll find a bucket on the ground next to some pipes.

    The cat picking up a bucket in Stray.

    Interact with the bucket to have the cat pick it up. With the bucket in the cat’s mouth, jump to the pipes on the left and keep ascending. You’ll find an exhaust fan ahead. Drop the bucket on the slope leading to the fan to cause the bucket to stop the fan from rotating. You can now proceed onward.

    The Stray cat stopping an exhaust fan with a metal bucket.

    You’ll find two paint cans in the area ahead. You can knock those over to the edge for no reason at all other than because you’re a cat. After knocking the two cans down, jump down to the platform on the left. There are more paint cans here. Time to cause some mayhem.

    Knock the four cans at the end of this platform, then jump onto the AC unit on the wall ahead. Jump down to the roof below, then jump to the top of the AC fans to the left. Keep going up from here. At the top, you’ll find a sole paint can. Knock this over to break the glass roof below.

    The cat pushing a paint can from a ledge in Stray.

    Jump back down and enter the building you’re on through the shattered glass roof. There’s a carpet here you can scratch. You may do so before moving forward, especially if you want to earn this game’s platinum trophy or 100% achievement.

    Continue through the door ahead, make a right, pass under the wooden planks, then onto the bucket to the right. This bucket will take you to the ground below. Jump down, then walk to the left. Continue heading forward and you’ll meet a dying robot on the ground ahead.

    Jump on top of the garbage bin ahead, then onto the canopy beside it. Jump to the roof above the neon sign, then continue heading forward. Keep going until a cutscene plays out.

    Running Away from the Zurks

    You’ll have your first actual gameplay encounter with the Zurks now. After the cutscene showing the horde of Zurks waiting for you, it’s time to run away from them.

    The Stray cat facing a horde of Zurks.

    Start running forward and don’t stop for anything. Swerve from left to right to avoid the Zurks. If a few of them gets to you, you can simply shrug them off, but its game over once too many of them overwhelm you. You’ll also move slower once at least one of them gets to you.

    The path ahead is pretty straightforward. Your only worries here are the Zurks. Once you reach the area with a neon sign on the ground that points to the left, follow it and head to the left and up the short staircase.

    The Stray cat running away from Zurks.

    Keep running until you run out of ground and have to jump to an open window across. Once you make it past the window, you’ll be completely safe from the Zurks, ending that encounter. If you managed to get through that encounter without being caught by a single Zurk, you’ll receive the “Can’t Cat-ch Me” trophy/achievement.

    Getting Out of the Dead City

    Continue forward and follow the signs. Head through the door on the right, then up the stairs on the left. Jump on top of the metal structure on the right, then onto the canopy on the left. Continue forward from here. The neon signs ahead will show you the path.

    The Stray cat standing before a neon sign.

    Up ahead, make your way to the roof on the right,  and push the wooden plank that’s leaning against the ledge. Once it falls, jump on top of it and use it to get across. Proceed forward and head to the window that has blue lights inside it.

    The Stray cat standing before a window.

    Continue ahead until you get to an open area again. There’s a barrel on the ground here. Get inside it and roll it to the right until it’s under the canopy. Exit the barrel, jump on top of it, then jump onto the canopy.

    Jump to the metal bar on the left. Continue to the roof ahead. Jump down to the left and continue to the scaffolding ahead. Jump to the wooden plank ahead and this will cause you to drop to the lower part of the scaffolding. Don’t worry. It’s a temporary setback.

    Jump up to the platform above, then head to the metal bar on the right. Continue to the neon sign ahead, then make your way up to the right. Look over to the left and jump on top of the back of the AC unit, then onto the higher platform above. From here, push down the wooden plank.

    Jump down, then continue forward. Keep going until you’re in the area where a series of lights will literally guide you to where you should go. Keep following the lights and you’ll be led to the top floor of a building. Once here, pass through the metal bars on the right, then make a left.

    The Stray cat standing before metal bars in Stray.

    At the end of the room ahead, make a left and remove the power socket from the wall to turn off the exhaust fan here. Once it stops, you can pass through it and you’ll make it to The Flat.

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