The Stray cat arriving at the Control Room.

Stray: Chapter 12 – Control Room

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Chapter 12 in Stray is set in the Control Room. This is the game’s final chapter. Now that you’re here, you are but one step away from being reunited with your cat companions. There are a few more puzzles for you to solve here before you can finally escape the walled city.

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    Stray: Chapter 12 – Control Room Video Walkthrough

    Reaching the Control Room

    Exit the train once it stops and its doors open. While facing the front of the train, take the doors on the left. Proceed forward and you’ll find a staircase that leads up.

    Immediately you’ll notice how clean things are on this side of the Walled City. You will also find a couple of robots here. When you’re done taking in the drastic change of scenery, continue heading up until you’re facing a huge window. Make a left and you’ll find the door to the Control Room.

    The Stray cat approaching the Control Room.

    Across from the door to the Control Room is one of those machines that follow you when you activate them. Activate this machine and approach the console to the left of the door. When the machine gets close enough, it will automatically position itself under the console. Leave it there for now.

    Approach the console on the right side of the door and inspect it. B-12 will attempt to open the door using this console but to no avail. Inspect the console one more time and the panel on the console on the left will open.

    Head to the left console and hop on top of the machine. Scratch the wires on this console while B-12 inspects the other console. This will cause the door to open, allowing you into the Control Room.

    The Stray cat scratching the wires on a console.

    Opening the Walled City

    Enter the Control Room and wait for the cutscene to finish. A memory will automatically unlock after this. With all that done, approach the computer at the end of the Control Room. Inspect the computer and B-12 will turn it on.

    B-12 will instruct you to turn on every computer in this room. To do that, turn around and hop on the computers ahead. Don’t interact with the ones that are already on. For those that are not on yet, as indicated by the dark monitors, you’ll simply have to step on their keyboards to turn them on.

    The Stray cat turning on every computer in the Control Room.

    A cutscene will then play after you complete your task. B-12 will exclaim that he now knows how to open the city. To do this, you must bypass three layers of security first. That means hacking for B-12 and scratching a bunch of wires for you.

    For the first one, head to the right of the main computer and you’ll find the first lock. Get on top of the console on the right and interact with the panel on it to open it, revealing the wires inside. Scratch the wires and B-12 will hack the lock after you do.

    The Stray cat facing the first lock in the Control Room.

    You’ll notice that the hacking is taking its toll on B-12, but there’s no other option for you both but to continue. Go directly to the other side of this area, to the left of the main computer, to find the second lock. To the right of the locked console, hop on top of the shorter platform. Topple over the panel that’s leaning on this console and you’ll see the wires you’ll need to wreck. B-12 will follow suit.

    The Stray cat scratching the wires and opening the second lock in the Control Room.

    Approach the main window in the Control Room and you’ll find the final lock on the right. The panel you’ll have to open is accessible from the ground. Scratch it to force it open, then do the same to the wires behind it.

    The Stray cat bypassing the third lock in the Control Room.

    After B-12 hacks the last lock, he won’t be able to move by himself anymore. You’ll have to pick him up and place him on the workstation yourself. In case you missed it, it’s on the console that’s by the main window. Place B-12 on the panel and listen to what he has to say.

    The Stray cat placing B-12 on the Control Room workstation.

    After the conversation with B-12, a cutscene of the Walled City plays. Once you’re finally able to take control of the cat again, you can either allow him to sleep with B-12 for a while, or you can leave the Control Room.

    This can also be a good opportunity to unlock the “Productive Day” trophy, which requires you to sleep in-game for an hour.

    Upon leaving the Control Room, head down to the right and proceed to the orange gate ahead. Congratulations, you’ve now completed the game and will be reunited with your cat companions soon enough!

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