Five Mount Creatures on a five-colored background.

What Is a Mount in Magic: The Gathering?

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Key Takeaway

There are 17 Mount Creatures in MTG—all were introduced in the Outlaws of Thunder Junction expansion.

In terms of flavor, Mounts are animals or monsters that can be ridden by humanoid organisms.

Mechanically, Mounts are a Creature Type that is strongly connected to the Saddle ability, which lets you tap a Creature other than the Mount to let the Mount Creature trigger a beneficial effect when it attacks.

With close to 300 Creature Types in Magic: The Gathering, it can be hard to keep track of them all. That said, it’s always fun to find flavorful reasons to add more! Such is the case with the Mount Creature Type in MTG, which are rideable animals and monsters.

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    What Is a Mount in MTG?

    Mount is a Creature Type in MTG that ties in closely to the Saddle ability—both of which were introduced in the Outlaws of Thunder Junction expansion. All Mounts are four-legged animals or monsters that can be fitted with a saddle so that they can be ridden by two-legged humanoid organisms. Since the expansion they were introduced in is heavily based on Western themes (cowboys, outlaws, and so on), a variety of steeds makes the setting feel closer to its inspiration: Western movies, TV Shows, and novels.

    The Gila Courser, Drover Grizzly, and Archmage's Newt cards in MTG.

    A Mount can act like a normal Creature in that it can attack and block. However, in addition to this, when it attacks while Saddled, it gains extra effects. What effects a Mount gains is specific to it. Some examples are gaining power and toughness, creating Creature Tokens, Scrying, and more.

    Every Mount in MTG so far

    There are 17 Mount Creatures in MTG as of writing this.

    • 4 white
    • 2 green/white
    • 5 green
    • 1 black/green
    • 1 black
    • 1 blue
    • 3 red

    Here they are in order of mana color (white, green, black, blue, and then red):

    • Bounding Felidar (white)
    • Bridled Bighorn (white)
    • Fortune, Loyal Steed (white)
    • Trained Arynx (white)
    • Congregation Gryff (green/white)
    • Seraphic Steed (green/white)
    • Drover Grizzly (green)
    • Giant Beaver (green)
    • Ornery Tumblewagg (green)
    • Rambling Possum (green)
    • Stubborn Burrowfiend (green)
    • The Gitfrog, Ravenous Ride (black/green)
    • Caustic Bronco (black)
    • Archmage’s Newt (blue)
    • Calamity, Galloping Inferno (red)
    • Gila Courser (red)
    • Quilled Charger (red)

    How to Use a Mount in MTG

    Pay close attention to the number to the right of the Saddle keyword on your Mount spells. This number indicates how much total power of tapped Creatures you need to Saddle the Mount. If you see Saddle 1, that means you need to tap any number of Creatures whose total power is 1 or more. If you see Saddle 2, you need to tap any number of Creatures whose total power is 2 or more. So on and so forth.

    Furthermore, you want to use your Mount’s Saddled effects as much as possible. These bonus traits give you advantages that (should) synergize with your deck. For example, use Seraphic Steed in a deck that focuses on taking advantage of the creation of Creatue Tokens.

    The Seraphic Steed card from MTG.

    Keep in mind that the result of attacking with a Saddled Mount doesn’t matter in terms of triggering the Saddled effect. All that’s important is that you declare an attack with your Saddled Mount. With that said, you still want to be careful so your faithful steed doesn’t meet its untimely demise.

    For the most part, green and white decks will have the most fun with Mount Creature Type in MTG, as these colors simply have more of them. As such, using abilities that these colors apply well to winning tactics—like Trample and Lifelink—are prime ways to succeed in MTG games.

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