Card art from the Hellspur Posse Boss card in MTG.

What Is an Outlaw in Magic: The Gathering?

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Key Takeaway

Creatures that are typed as an Assassin, Mercenary, Pirate, Rogue, or Warlock count as an Outlaw in MTG. This only matters for particular abilities that appear on a few cards from the Outlaws of Thunder Junction expansion.

Keep in mind that “Outlaw” is not a Creature Type; it merely encompasses the five aforementioned Creature Types. Sometimes, a card’s text refers to a spell as an “outlaw spell” to specify a target for its effect.

The Outlaws of Thunder Junction expansion of Magic: The Gathering wouldn’t hit the right notes unless it embodied the most dynamic part of its Western themes. By batching together five existing Creature Types under the Outlaw designation, MTG has created a flavorful way to target multiple Creatures at once.

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    What Is an Outlaw in MTG?

    An Outlaw in MTG is any Creature from the following Creature Types: Assassin, Mercenary, Pirate, Rogue, and Warlock. The reason these Creature Types get batched together is so that flavorful spells that refer to the villains of the set can activate based on any of the aforementioned Creature Type spells being present in a determined area.

    An Example of How Outlaw Spells Are Used

    Let’s say you’ve got a Hellspur Brute in your hand and a Discerning Peddler as well as a Deadeye Duelist on the battlefield. Since the latter two are a Rogue and an Assassin—respectively—you can cast Hellspur Brute for two less mana than usual because of its Affinity for Outlaws ability. This is due to Rogues and Assassins being Outlaws.

    Hellspur Brute, Discerning Peddler, and Deadeye Duelist from MTG. All are Outlaw cards.

    Cards That Use Outlaw in Their Text

    Overall, there are 15 cards in the Outlaws of Thunder Junction and 7 in the Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander sets that use the keyword Outlaw. We’ll sort them by color and card type for your convenience.

    Outlaws of Thunder Junction Outlaw Cards

    • Outlaw Medic (white Creature)
    • Outlaw Stitcher (blue Creature)
    • Double Down (blue Enchantment)
    • Take the Fall (blue Instant)
    • Boneyard Desecrator (black Creature)
    • Rakish Crew (black Enchantment)
    • Shoot the Sheriff (black Instant)
    • Hellspur Brute (red Creature)
    • Hellspur Posse Boss (red Creature)
    • Mine Raider (red Creature)
    • Caught in the Crossfire (red Instant)
    • Outlaw’s Fury (red Instant)
    • Laughing Jasper Flint (black/red Legendary Creature)
    • Vial Smasher, Gleeful Grenadier (black/red Legendary Creature)
    • At Knifepoint (black/red Enchantment)

    Outlaws of Thunder Junction Commander Outlaw Cards

    • Charred Graverobber (black Creature)
    • Discreet Retreat (black Enchantment)
    • Back in Town (black Sorcery)
    • Dead Before Sunrise (red Instant)
    • Graywater’s Fixer (black/red Creature)
    • Olivia, Opulent Outlaw (red/white/black Legendary Creature)
    • Vihaan Goldwaker (red/white/black Legendary Creature)

    Tips for Making an Outlaw Deck in MTG

    For the best synergy in your Outlaw deck, make sure to fill it with the cards mentioned in this article. Moreover, put Assassin, Mercenary, Rogue, Pirate, and Warlock Creatures in your deck. These kinds of spells also work well with those that use the Spree ability and the Crime keyword. From mechanical and flavor standpoints, it’s satisfying to see that Outlaws and Crime are often found in the same place.

    The Bandit's Haul card.

    While you’re dueling in the wild wild west, consider using the Plot ability to further your game goals, as they can let you cast cards for less mana and from exile. What’s more, every outlaw heist needs a clean getaway, for which Mounts can be exceedingly helpful!

    Speaking of Mounts, make sure you learn how to use their Saddle abilities effectively, as this can aid your Outlaw posse’s escape into the desert! That way, you can sit back and enjoy all the loot you’ve collected from your recent bank robberies and shakedowns.

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