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Where to Find Bonsly in Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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Key Takeaway

Bonsly can spawn as a wandering Pokémon in Cloudpool Ridge within the Crimson Mirelands. Alternatively, they can appear from shaking ore in Celestica Ruins within the Coronet Highlands.

Conversely to usual encounter rates, Bonsly is rarer than its evolution, Sudowoodo. Thankfully, you can use the latter to figure out where the former spawns. Be ready to act fast, as Bonsly will always run away if they spot you.

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    All Bonsly Locations

    Map overlay showing all possible places Bonsly can spawn.

    There are only a couple of locations where Bonsly can spawn in Pokémon Legends: Arceus. The first is as a wandering Pokémon in the Crimson Mirelands’ Cloudpool Ridge area. The other is from shaking ore in the Coronet Highlands’ Celestica Ruins. Furthermore, they can appear at any time of day and during any weather conditions.

    You can identify the exact spots where Bonsly can spawn by looking for Sudowoodo. The latter will only spawn in the exact locations where Bonsly can. Additionally, Sudowoodo will not try to attack you, which makes things easier.

    Tips for Catching Bonsly at Cloudpool Ridge

    At Cloudpool Ridge, there is a spot where a pair of Sudowoodo consistently spawn. However, on the rare occasion, instead of a duo of Sudowoodo, there will be a Sudowoodo and a Bonsly.

    If there is no Bonsly present, you’ll need to return to Jubilife Village and then come back to Cloudpool Ridge to reset the spawns. The quickest way to get to Cloudpool Ridge is to fast-travel to the Diamond Settlement and then ride a mount west.

    Bonsly will always run away if they spot you, which will cause them to despawn. Since there are many aggressive Pokémon in this area, sneaking up on a Bonsly can be particularly tricky.

    The ideal method of creeping up on this baby Rock-type pocket monster is to get off your mount and crouch. Next, you’ll want to sneak into the nearest patch of tall grass. Afterward, it’s recommended to toss a berry near Bonsly.

    After Bonsly eats a berry, it’ll be easier to catch. To compound positive capture effects, be sure to use a Heavy Ball, Leaden Ball, or Gigaton Ball on Bonsly. Those types of Poké Balls have the best success rate of capturing unsuspecting Pokémon. Furthermore, hitting a Bonsly with any kind of Poké Ball from behind will also increase your capture chances.

    Tips for Catching Bonsly at Celestica Ruins

    When Bonsly appears from shaking ore that you’ve broken, you’ll be forced into a battle with it. At the point in Pokémon Legends: Arceus when you’ll reach the Coronet Highlands, your party Pokémon should be more than strong enough to take any hit Bonsly can dish out.

    However, Bonsly is likely to run away from the battle. As such, you’ll need to act fast. Thankfully, Bonsly has a very high catch rate. You’ll likely be able to catch it without weakening Bonsly if you use an Ultra Ball. Ultra Balls are the Poké Ball with the best success rate while in a battle.

    There are quite a few other Pokémon that can spawn from smashing shaking ore, such as Graveler. This means your chances of finding a Bonsly in Celestica Ruins are less than in Cloudpool Ridge.

    For this reason, you don’t want to give Bonsly the chance to run away, as finding another one can be tedious. Due to Pokémon being able to run away at any point in a battle, you’re better off immediately lobbing an Ultra Ball at Bonsly instead of trying to weaken it first.