The horse god Malanya appearing before Link. Malanya looks like they are wearing tribal clothing and a mask.

Where to Find Malanya the Horse God in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Find and feed this deity for unique upgrades!

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Key Takeaway

Malanya is found north of Bloodleaf Lake in the North Akkala Foothills. Specifically, the horse god lives in a tent very similar to that of the Great Fairies in the valley between Tumlea Heights and Akkala Ancient Tech Lab.

However, before you can interact with Malanya properly, you need to satisfy their hunger by giving them an Endura Carrot. One of which you can get by doing a side quest called “The Gathering Pirates” for an NPC named Aya at East Akkala Stable.

If you want to find Malanya the horse god in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll need to head northeast. This deity’s location is pointed out by a few NPCs along the way, although you must get a specific item to actually meet Malanya: an Endura Carrot.

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    How to Find Malanya’s Location

    The easiest way to find Malanya is to start from East Akkala Stable and then head northward. As you travel north, go around the main body of Bloodleaf Lake until you reach a bridge leading to a large plant bulb-like house. It looks similar to the structures that the Great Fairies live in.

    A red arrow and a red circle showing how to get from the East Akkala Stable to Malanya's home on the map of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.
    Both the East Akkala Stable and Malanya’s home are at the northeastern corner of the map in Tears of the Kingdom.

    However, when you try to speak to the horse god, they only ask for an Endura Carrot. If you want to deal with this deity, you must produce the specific produce.

    While there are many ways to do so (such as finding an Endura Carrot near cherry blossom trees on Satori Mountain), there’s a quicker and easier way to accomplish the same thing right here in the Akkala region.

    How to Quickly Get an Endura Carrot in the Akkala Region

    If you haven’t done so already, head to East Akkala Stable and speak to the NPC named Aya. She’ll tell you about some Bokoblin pirates plaguing the stretch of coastline between East Akkala Beach and North Akkala Beach. This begins the side quest called “The Gathering Pirates.”

    After you begin this side quest, it adds a marker on your map showing you the location of the three pirate ships that you must defeat. The pirates are all blue and black Bokoblins and Moblins and are led by a Blue Boss Bokoblin.

    Link gliding towards some pirate ships adorned with huge horned skulls.
    There are also a few Aerocuda flying around—which are a bit annoying but are easy to take down. One arrow each is all you need to fell these flying foes.

    Tips for Defeating the Pirates

    On the southernmost ship, there’s only one Blue Moblin and one Black Bokoblin. We recommend using fused arrows to pepper the Blue Moblin from the figurehead of the ship until it goes down for good.

    While it’s getting hit by arrows, the Blue Moblin repeatedly throws the Black Bokoblin at you despite never being able to launch them high enough to reach your position. After the Blue Moblin is defeated, use a dropdown attack on the Black Bokoblin and follow it up with combo attacks.

    Link shooting an arrow at a Blue Moblin on a pirate ship.

    On the ship to the northwest, there’s a Black Moblin and an armored Black Bokoblin. As before, a good strategy is to use range attacks on the Moblin to get it to throw things at you—namely the armored Black Bokoblin.

    There are also a bunch of Zonai devices and a couple of explosive barrels (as well as other helpful items) on the southern ship you can use to assault the neighboring vessel.

    Make sure to use a hammer-type weapon on the armored Black Bokoblin—otherwise, you won’t be able to break its armor and hurt it.
    Link dropping an explosive barrel on a Black Moblin.

    Lastly, on the northernmost ship, there’s one Blue Boss Bokoblin, one Black Bokoblin, and two Blue Bokoblins. When we cleared out the last ship, we found the best tactic is to use the Zonai Cannon on the southernmost ship to assault your enemies from afar. Grab the cannon, place it on the front of the northwestern ship, line up a shot, and BOOM!

    The foes on the northernmost ship won’t be able to reach you, so you’re safe to broadside them with cannon fire until they’re mostly or entirely dead.

    Link firing a cannon at a pirate ship.

    Return to East Akkala Stable After Defeating the Pirates

    Once the pirates have perished, go back to Aya at East Akkala Stable. After you tell her that the pirates are gone, she’ll reward you with two Pony Points and one Endura Carrot.

    An NPC named Aya giving Link and Endura Carrot.

    Now that you have an Endura Carrot, find Malanya once more and offer it to them. The horse god consumes the carrot gratefully and then tells you that they can revive any of your dead steeds and upgrade living ones…for a price.

    How to Upgrade and Revive Your Horses

    You need to give Malanya specific meals to upgrade steeds and revive dead horses. What kinds of meals you need vary depending on the type of upgrade and what level that particular stat is on the horse you want to upgrade.

    The player looking at the menu to upgrade horses.

    All of the upgrades require you to cook specific meals like Honeyed Apples, Veggie Porridges, and much more. As such, you’ll need to gather lots of vegetables and other ingredients while exploring.

    There are multiple ways of making the same kinds of meals, so experiment to see exactly what you need. Recipes you use automatically get saved so you can reuse them later to easily get the same meal again. Now more than ever, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for tasty materials as you explore this big open world!