Link about to buy Hylian Rice in Lookout Landing.

Where to Get Hylian Rice in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Get this rice for the right price—it's pretty nice!

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Key Takeaway

The soonest you can get Hylian Rice is by buying it from Lookout Landing. However, the General Store in Lookout Landing only begins selling Hylian Rice after you investigate at least one phenomenon.

Alternatively, you can cut long grass to occasionally get Hylian Rice. Although this can only be done in areas with lots of water, such as the swampy region between the Faron Grasslands and East Necluda.

To get Hylian Rice in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you can choose one of two methods: buying it from a merchant or finding it in the wild. This long grain is a great material to have on hand, as it’s useful for restoring Hearts.

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    Where to Buy Hylian Rice

    The quickest and easiest place to buy Hylian Rice is at Lookout Landing’s shop. Here (and in other shops), it costs 12 Rupees each. However, Hylian Rice only appears in Lookout Landing after you investigate at least one phenomenon.

    We investigated the phenomenon near Rito Village on the northwest of the map. When we returned to Lookout Landing sometime afterward, we found Hylian Rice for sale. With that said, it’s possible that this gorgeous grain becomes buyable if you investigate a different phenomenon as well.

    Link entering Lookout Landing's shop.

    There are also other places where you can buy it, although there are sometimes conditions that need to be met before it becomes available. Here’s a list of other locations that sell Hylian Rice:

    • Zora’s Domain (General Store)
    • Hateno Village (General Store)
    • Gerudo Town (Cooking Ingredient Store) – only available after investigating the nearby regional phenomenon
    • Beedle (he’ll randomly have it for sale once in a while)

    How to Get Hylian Rice in the Wild

    In true Legend of Zelda fashion, you can cut long grass to get some valuable goods! In this case, we’re talking about delicious golden grains. When you cut long grass in some wet areas, you get Hylian Rice as a drop. For example, this is possible in the swampy region between the Faron Grasslands and East Necluda.

    Link cutting long grass and finding Hylian Rice.

    The best way to cut long grass is to use a bladed weapon. Also, using a charge attack lets you cut more long grass at once if you’re using something like a one-handed sword. Stand in the middle of a patch of long grass, then spin to win!

    What Hylian Rice Is Used For

    You can use this food material to cook meals of several varieties. It’s used to make different kinds of rice bowls, rice balls, curries, pilafs, omelets, risottos, paellas, fried rice, and porridge. All of these meal types mostly revolve around restoring Hearts.

    Link about to sell a Meat and Rice Bowl to Beedle for 34 Rupees.

    To make one of the above-mentioned meals, cook up some Hylian Rice with one protein (any type of meat—including fish) and some seasoning (such as Rock Salt or Goron Spice). There are other variations that use mushrooms or vegetables, so feel free to experiment.

    It’s important to make high-quality meals because they’ll always help you out if you’re low on Hearts. Since you can pause the game and consume a meal at any time, meals that restore Hearts are literally life-savers in dire situations. When adventuring and fighting powerful foes, be sure to always keep your backpack stocked with delicious and nutritious meals!