Where to Find Ruby in Subnautica

Where to find Ruby in Subnautica.

Ruby is a raw material in Subnautica mostly used to craft vehicle modifications. They aren’t too hard to find, but you’ll have an easier time farming them if you know exactly where to look.

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    Where to Find Ruby in Subnautica

    Rubies are mainly found on the seabed instead of harvesting nodes. They’re also very rampant near thermal vents. Subnautica has no shortage of this raw material, but stumbling upon them can be tricky early on in the game.

    Here are the biomes where you can find Rubies:

    • Blood Kelp Zone
    • Bulb Zone
    • Crash Zone Mesas
    • Deep Sparse Reef
    • Dunes
    • Grand Reef
    • Inactive Lava Zone
    • Lost River
    • Bone Fields
    • Corridor
    • Ghost Canyon
    • Ghost Forest
    • Tree Cove
    • Junction
    • Mountains Corridor
    • Mountains Caves
    • Sea Treader’s Tunnel Caves
    • Underwater Islands Caves
    Ruby from Subnautica.

    A Ruby’s appearance is very noteworthy. There are four red spikes sticking out of the white mineral beneath. This flashy appearance makes the raw material fairly easy to spot.

    Items You Can Craft With Ruby

    The items and upgrades that you can craft with Ruby in Subnautica won’t only make your playthrough more enjoyable, some of them are outright necessary. There are only 5 of them all in all, but you’ll definitely want to craft these for yourself.

    • Aerogel – 1x Gel Sack, 1x Ruby
    • Prawn Suit Depth Module MK1 – 1x Plasteel Ingot, 3x Nickel Ore, 2x Ruby
    • Cyclops Depth Module MK1 – 1x Plasteel Ingot, 3x Ruby
    • Power Cell Charger – 2x Titanium, 1x Advanced Wiring Kit, 2x Ruby
    • Seamoth Depth Module MK3 – Seamoth Depth Module MK2, 1x Plasteel Ingot, 3x Ruby