All 3 Pods from Nier Automata.

Where to Get All Pods in Nier Automata

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As skillful and powerful as YoRHa Androids are, they will never be able to go as far as they do without their diligent and serviceable Pods. Here’s where to get all the Pods in Nier Automata.

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    Where to Get All Pods in Nier Automata

    There are only 3 Pods that you can unlock in the game, with the first one being the default Pod that you already have with you when you start. This means there are really only two Pods that you need to search for. Thankfully, both are fairly easy to find if you know where to look.

    Pod A (Gatling)

    Pod A from Nier Automata.

    This is the default Pod in Nier Automata. It fires a barrage of bullets at its target like a Gatling gun, staggered when locked-on and steady when it’s not. Its bullets can reach enemies from afar. When upgraded, the attack adds explosive projectiles that are launched at targeted enemies. It has the highest DPS possibility out of the three Pods due to its unwavering attacks.

    Pod B (Laser)

    Pod B from Nier Automata.

    Pod B’s laser attack is constant and powerful. Its major drawback is its short range. Using it while fighting enemies at close range really highlights the effectiveness and sheer power of this Pod. When upgraded, the reach of the laser beam is slightly increased and it adds ricocheting bullets that will bounce between enemies up to 6 times.

    This Pod can be acquired by fishing in the ocean in the Flooded City. You will rarely immediately acquire the Pod by fishing just once or twice. Keep at it until the Pod is fished out.

    Pod C (Homing Missiles)

    Pod C's location in the Desert Center.

    Pod C’s homing missiles, as the name implies, have a built-in lock-on system. At its base level, the Pod can only fire 5 homing missiles at once. Once fully upgraded, though, this number can increase up to 21.

    You can pick this weapon up in the Desert Zone. Refer to the image above for its exact location.