All Companions in Hades.

Where to Get Every Companion in Hades

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Some of the best assistance that you can get in Hades as you frequently attempt to escape the Underworld is the Companions that you can get from other NPCs. Here’s how you can acquire all of them.

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    What are Companions?

    All Companions in Hades.

    Companions are cute little fluffy items that you can get from other NPCs after giving them Ambrosia. That, however, is merely their physical description. In combat, these Companions can function as a summon which will help you immensely in dealing with multiple enemies.

    These Companions, otherwise known as Legendary Keepsakes, can be used one to five times in a single run, depending on their level. These Companions can be upgraded five times by imbuing them with Ambrosia at the display case. This is also where you can equip them. Unlike Keepsakes, however, a Companion can’t be changed mid-run after beginning your escape attempt.

    All Companions in Hades

    As mentioned above, you can get Companions from various NPCs by giving them Ambrosia for the first time. However, before you can give them Ambrosia, you must first give them a certain number of Nectars. After that, you must complete a favor for them before you can finally unlock the chance to give them Ambrosia.

    Listed below are all the Companions that you can acquire in Hades, which NPC to get them from, how you can give Ambrosia to that NPC, and what they can actually do in combat.

    Companion Rib

    Companion Rib and Skelly in Hades.

    Rib is given to Zagreus by Skelly. To begin Skelly’s favor, you will first have to give him 6 Nectars. You will then need to unlock 4 weapon aspects that are not of Zagreus. Once these conditions are met, Skelly will give you his “quest” the next time you encounter him.

    For Skelly’s favor, he’ll ask you to end his life using the Stygian Blade’s Aspect of Zagreus, but only if it’s level 5. Getting the Aspect of Zagreus to level 5 will require a total of 5 Titan Blood. Once this is acquired, simply go up to Skelly and bash his head in using this weapon until his HP drops to zero.

    This is a fluke, of course, as he will just resurrect as he always does. The next time you encounter him, you can then give him Ambrosia and he’ll give you Companion Rib in return.

    Once summoned, this Companion will summon Skelly, who will then act as a distraction in the arena, provoking the enemies to attack him instead of you. Skelly will have a total of 250 HP. Skelly will remain in the arena until he is killed.

    The only time you cannot use this Companion is when fighting against this secret boss.

    Companion Mort

    Companion Mort and Thanatos.

    Companion Mort is given to you by Thanatos. Unlike most NPCs, Thanatos’ favor can easily be done by simply giving him the maximum Nectars he can receive and just constantly beating him whenever he comes to join you in your escape attempts.

    Eventually, Thanatos will comment on how strong you’ve gotten. The next time you see him in the House of Hades, you can give him Ambrosia and receive Mort in return.

    When used, Thanatos will arrive at the arena and will inflict a massive AOE attack in front of you that deals 3,500 damage. However, the attack is delayed for a few seconds after it is triggered. This AOE attack is the same one Thanatos uses whenever he aids you randomly as you escape the Underworld.

    You cannot use this Companion in arenas where Thanatos joins to aid you.

    Companion Battie

    Companion Battie and Megaera.

    Battie is given by Megaera. After fighting her multiple times in your various escape attempts, she’ll eventually find her way into your room in the House. She needs to do this twice before you can finally give her Ambrosia and receive Battie from her.

    This Companion will summon Meg who will then deal 2,500 AOE damage in a line across you, similar to one of her attacks during her boss fight.

    You can’t use this companion when fighting against the Fury Sisters.

    Companion Fidi

    Companion Fidi and Dusa.

    Fidi is given by Dusa. Her Favor is finished once you complete at least 12 renovations dedicated to the Lounge, including one rug renovation and cleaning up Cerberus’ fur and scratches. Once 12 renovations are done, speak to Dusa and you’ll unlock the ability to give her Ambrosia. She’ll then hand Fidi to you afterward.

    Using Fidi will summon Dusa in battle. She’ll remain in the arena for 30 seconds, firing shots at enemies that petrify them and dealing 70 damage per shot.

    Companion Antos

    Companion Antos and Achilles.

    Antos is given by Achilles. You can complete Achilles’ favor by reuniting him with Patroclus. This can be done by increasing your relationship with both characters until Patroclus finally asks you to tell Achilles to “risk it all,” after which Achilles will then ask you to change his pact with Hades.

    To alter the pact, you’ll have to turn to Nyx, who will direct you to the Administrative Chamber. You can then officially alter the pact with the House Contractor for 5 Diamonds. After this, Achilles will leave the House and head for Elysium. You’ll then find Achilles and Patroclus reunited in the latter’s area.

    The next time you find Achilles at the House, you can give him Ambrosia and receive Antos in return.

    Antos summons Achilles and Patroclus in combat, who will then deal 1,500 damage to 2 enemies in a row.

    Companion Shady

    Companion Shady and Sisyphus.

    Shady is given by Sisyphus. Completing Sisyphus’ favor just requires you to speak with him as often as you can until you’re given the chance to liberate him from his punishment. After Zagreus comments on the idea of letting Sisyphus go, the next step is to speak with both Meg and Hades, who will essentially turn you down. You can then turn to Nyx, who will direct you to the Administrative Chamber. After finding the necessary document, you can then liberate Sisyphus by purchasing the Knave-King’s Sentence from the House Contractor for 4 Diamonds.

    Once all of that is complete, speak to Sisyphus again to give him Ambrosia. He will hand Companion Shady to you in return.

    Using this Companion will summon Sisyphus and Bouldy, who will drop from the sky to the ground in front of you to deal 1,000 in a large area. After disappearing, Boldly will drop a handful of items for you, including Obols, Darkness, and Health.

    Using Companions Against Hades

    It should be noted that, initially, you’re only allowed to use Companions Rib and Shady against Hades. You will only be able to use the other Companions against him after you’ve strengthened your bond and unlocked 4 Hearts with him.