Titanium Alloy from Nier Automata.

Where to Get Titanium Alloy in Nier Automata

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Titanium Alloy is one of the many crafting materials in Nier Automata. If you want to fully upgrade all the weapons in the game, then collecting Titanium Alloy is something you’ll need to do. Here’s where to get them.

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    Where to Get Titanium Alloy in Nier Automata

    Getting a lot of Titanium Alloy in Nier Automata is actually easier than it seems. There are a lot of sources for this resource and you can get as many as you want if you know where to collect them.

    Titanium Alloy Farming

    One way to collect Titanium Alloy in Nier Automata is to farm them. There are only two types of enemies in the game that drop Titanium Alloy upon defeat, and that’s Medium Bipeds and Linked-Sphere type machines.

    Medium Bipeds are usually found in the City Ruins, Desert Zone, Desert Housing, and the Amusement Park. Note that only Medium Bipeds that are level 18 and above will drop Titanium Alloys.

    A Medium Biped machine from Nier Automata.

    You first encounter Linked-Sphere Types when you enter the caved-in area of the City Ruins after the Assault quest. They’ll then be found in the same location henceforth. Two of them are also found in the Forest Castle and another in the Flooded City.

    Linked Sphere Type enemy in Nier Automata.

    Sidequest Rewards

    There are two quests in the game that will reward you with Titanium Alloys upon completion, but both of them can only be done when playing as 9S. The first one is Game Dev Machine Lv. 2.

    This quest becomes available after you’ve completed the MIA Quest and defeated Beauvoir, the aforementioned quest’s main boss. You’ll first have to complete Game Dev Machine Lv. 1 quest to undertake Lv. 2.

    The side quest is given to you by the Game Creator Machine. He’s located in the underground level of the Abandoned Amusement Park, which can be accessed via an elevator beneath and behind the staircase you take as you exit Beauvoir’s boss room.

    Game Dev Machine quest from Nier Automata.

    Completing the Game Dev Machine Lv. 2 quest will grant you 3 Titanium Alloys.

    The second quest that’ll grant you Titanium Alloy is Reconnaissance Squad. You can find this quest in the Forest Zone during your third playthrough. You’ll be rewarded 5 Titanium Alloys, among many other items, for completing this side quest.

    Reconnaissance Quest in Nier Automata.

    Chests and Loot

    You can also stumble upon 9 Titanium Alloys scattered around the game’s world. One chest containing 3 Titanium Alloys can be found in the second building in the forest castle. It’s situated on a platform in the room after you encounter the first Linked-Sphere type machine in this area.

    Titanium Alloy in the Forest Castle.

    Another chest containing 3 Titanium Alloys can be found in City Ruins: Cave. It’s right by the area where you encounter two drill-type machines.

    Titanium Alloy in City Ruins: Cave.

    You can also find another 3 in a staircase in the Desert Housing Complex, in a building before you encounter the area’s enemy mob.

    Titanium Alloy in the Desert Housing Complex.

    Purchase From the Underground Colosseum Merchant

    This one only works if you have the 3C3C1D119440927 DLC installed, or if you’ve purchased the Game of the YoRHa edition of the game. The only merchant in the game that sells Titanium Alloys is located in the Underground Colosseum in the Forest Zone. This area is unlocked by following the Mysterious Letter side quest, which is only accessible if you have the DLC.

    Weapons That Require Titanium Alloy

    The Titanium Alloy is required to upgrade over 20 weapons from Level 2 to Level 3. Each weapon will require 3 Titanium Alloys, along with other materials, to complete the said upgrade. With 20 weapons requiring this material, you will need to collect a total of 60 Titanium Alloys to consider all upgrades.

    These are the weapons that require Titanium Alloy:

    • Engine Blade
    • Faith
    • Type-40 Sword
    • Ancient Overlord
    • Virtuous Contract
    • YoRHa-issue Blade
    • Phoenix Dagger
    • Iron Will
    • Phoenix Sword
    • Type-4O Blade
    • Virtuous Treaty
    • Cruel Blood Oath
    • Dragoon Lance
    • Phoenix Lance
    • Type-4O Lance
    • Virtuous Dignity
    • Angel’s Folly
    • Type-4O Fists
    • Virtuous Grief
    • Emil Heads

    If you have enough money, you should be able to obtain all necessary Titanium Alloys to perform every upgrade without even farming. However, as mentioned earlier, this is only possible if you’ve purchased the DLC. Otherwise, you can collect a total of 17 Titanium Alloys by completing the mentioned side quests and looting various chests in the game.

    Farming Tip

    If you decide to farm for this item by hunting down Medium Bipeds and Linked-sphere type machines, make sure you have the Drop Rate Up Plug-In chip equipped to increase your chances. The maximum item drop rate increase for this plug-in is 90%, which you can attain by equipping a +3 and a +4 variation of the chip.