Grubs are non-hostile, caterpillar-like creatures found throughout Hollow Knight. These lovable, innocent beings are scattered across the underground kingdom of Hallownest. Rescuing Grubs plays an important role, as they offer rewards to players who return them to their father, the Grubfather, located in the Grubhome in the Forgotten Crossroads.

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    Grubs are small, green, and worm-like creatures with large eyes and a distinctive, high-pitched cry that players can hear when they are nearby. They inhabit the vast, interconnected world of Hallownest, found confined inside glass jars often hidden in areas that require exploration and puzzle-solving to access. Once rescued, Grubs return to the Grubhome, where they reunite with the Grubfather.

    Role in Hollow Knight

    The primary goal of interacting with Grubs is to rescue them from their confinement. When players hear their characteristic cry, they must search the surrounding area to locate and free the trapped Grub.

    Upon rescuing a Grub, players are encouraged to return to the Grubhome to receive various rewards from the Grubfather. These rewards include Geo (the in-game currency), Charm Notches, Pale Ore, and the Grubberfly’s Elegy charm, which are granted based on the number of Grubs rescued. In total, there are 46 Grubs hidden throughout the game, and rescuing them all unlocks the “Metamorphosis” achievement.

    Rescuing Grubs is not required to complete the main story of Hollow Knight, but it does provide players with valuable resources and contributes to the game’s completion percentage.


    • The Grub design and concept may be inspired by real-life caterpillars and larvae, particularly those that produce a distinctive cry when threatened or disturbed.
    • The Grubs’ behavior of seeking refuge in confined spaces is reminiscent of the survival strategies of many real-world insect species.