Charm Notch locations in Hollow Knight.

Hollow Knight: Every Charm Notch Location

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In Hollow Knight, the more Charm Notches you have, the more charms you can equip. You only have three Charm Notches at the beginning of the game. Here’s where you can find more.

To equip charms in Hollow Knight, you’ll need to have Charm Notches. You can pick up eight Charm Notches in the game, allowing you to have a maximum of 11.

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    Four Charm Notches Sold By Salubra

    Salubra from Hollow Knight.

    Salubra will only sell you Charm Notches after you collect certain amounts of Charms. Here’s how many Charms you will need to have to purchase each Charm Notch and for how much they cost.

    • 1st Charm Notch: Collect 5 Charms, purchase for 120 Geos.
    • 2nd Charm Notch: Collect 10 Charms, purchase for 500 Geos.
    • 3rd Charm Notch: Collect 18 Charms, purchase for 900 Geos
    • 4th Charm Notch: Collect 25 Charms, purchase for 1,400 Geos.

    One Charm Notch in Fungal Wastes

    The location of the Charm Notch in Fungal Wastes.

    You can pick up one Charm Notch after you defeat the 2 Shrumal Ogres in an arena in northern Fungal Wastes.

    One Charm Notch in Fog Canyon

    The location of the Charm Notch in Fog Canyon.

    There’s one Charm Notch in the northeastern section of the Fog Canyon. You’ll need to have Isma’s Tear in order to reach this area.

    One Charm Notch by Defeating Grimm

    The Knight fighting Troupe Master Grimm.

    Follow the Grimm Troupe quest and defeat Grimm in his tent for the first time to receive one Charm Notch.

    One Charm Notch From the Trial of the Warrior

    The Knight attempting the Trial of the Warrior.

    The Trial of the Warrior is the first and the easiest trial in the Colosseum of Fools. See it through and you’ll be rewarded with one Charm Notch, along with a handful of Geo.