The player fighting the HC Helicopter in Armored Core 6.

Armored Core 6: How to Beat the HC Helicopter

Don't allow this boss encounter to wall your progress.

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Key Takeaway

Stay directly under the HC Helicopter throughout the fight to avoid most of its attacks. Use your Pulse Blade liberally and your R-Arm and R-Back weapons whenever the blade is cooling down.

Figuring out how to beat the HC Helicopter is your first goal in Armored Core 6. Many players consider it to be the gatekeeper to the rest of the game. This encounter determines whether or not you can make progress. Don’t let this notion stop you.

Best Strategy to Beat HC Helicopter

You are stuck with your default build whenever to play the first mission in the game. As such, you don’t have any assembly options when fighting the HC Helicopter. As such, you have to rely on tactics alone to overcome this obstacle. Thankfully, there is one very specific strategy that you can use against HC Helicopter that can trivialize the entire boss fight.

As soon as the HC Helicopter arrives, lock on to it and immediately position yourself directly under it. This is the ideal position from which to take it down. No matter where the HC Helicopter is, you should stay directly below it.

Most of the boss’s attacks won’t reach you here. Your attacks also have a higher chance of landing while you’re in this position. While below the HC Helicopter, fire at it with your R-Arm weapon and your R-Back weapon. Then, jump and fly close to the HC Helicopter and use the Pulse Blade on your left arm to deal high damage.

A player using the Pulse Blade against the HC Helicopter in Armored Core 6.

Your main source of damage for this fight is your Pulse Blade—so use it liberally. While under the HC Helicopter, get close and slash at it with your blade as often as you can. Whenever your Pulse Blade is cooling down, use your R-Arm and R-Back weapons to continue dealing damage and building up impact.

The HC Helicopter can move swiftly at times. Whenever it does, the priority should be to get back to your usual position under it. As soon as you return to your prime position, return to offensive tactics. Don’t worry about what the boss’s attacks are; worry about its position and where you should be.

As the first boss of Armored Core 6, it is the duty of the HC Helicopter to introduce you to the game and give you a glimpse of the challenges to come. It does its job well as it can indeed be a truly challenging battle.

After defeating the HC Helicopter, you’ll officially become one of the independent mercenaries of Rubicon. You’ve overcome the game’s first hurdle, but now it’s time to face the rest. Be prepared for the upcoming challenges by utilizing proper early-game builds. The HC Helicopter was tough; however, the next bosses are far tougher. Good luck out there, Raven!

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