The player's armored core locking onto an enemy while flying through the air.

Armored Core 6 Firearm Specialization, Explained

Take aim with supreme precision.

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Key Takeaway

The Firearm Specialization stat in Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon affects your Target Tracking stat. A higher Firearm Specialization results in better Target Tracking, which, in turn, lets you hit moving targets easier.

Firearm Specialization in Armored Core 6 is one of many stats you’ll need to understand to succeed as a mercenary. This stat is tied directly to your Target Tracking. Both of these stats contribute to how well you can hit moving targets in this fast-paced game.

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    What Is Firearm Specialization?

    The Firearm Specialization stat is one that only appears on your arm parts. Each arm part has a different Firearm Specialization, meaning that some arms are better for hitting moving targets than others.

    This may seem a bit odd since you always want to be able to hit moving targets as well as possible. However, there are trade-offs between arms in terms of which one is better at certain tasks.

    Let’s take a look at an arm part with high Firearm Specialization compared to the default arms you get at the beginning of the game for an in-depth comparison.

    AC-2000 Tool Arm Vs. Nachtreiher/46E

    The default arm part you get at the beginning of the game is the AC-2000 Tool Arm. As you’d expect from the earliest arm part you get, its overall stats aren’t great. However, it still has some better stats than later arm parts you can buy.

    Everything is either low or mediocre, though it does have better AP, Recoil Control, and Melee Specialization than the best early-game arm part with high Firearm Specialization (as well as a few other better stats).

    This means that the AC-2000 Tool Arm lets you take more hits, reduces how much recoil from your arm weapons affects you, and increases how well you can use melee weapons.

    The Firearm Specialization stat of the AC-2000 Tool Arm outlined in red.

    Now, let’s look at the Nachtreiher/46E: the best arm part in the early game for Firearm Specialization. Its Firearm Specialization is maxed out, meaning that you’ll be able to hit moving targets with your arm weapons much easier than if you had the AC-2000 Tool Arm equipped. Conversely, the Nachtreiher/46E has lower stats in the other areas mentioned—which comes with the downsides you’d expect.

    The Firearm Specialization stat of the Nachtreiher/46E arm part outlined in red.

    While many players would agree that the Nachtreiher/46E is more useful due to the great need in AC6 to take out moving targets, other arm parts may be better for missions where you only need to take out stationary targets—such as artillery installations.

    How Firearm Specialization Affects Target Tracking

    Your Target Tracking stat gets higher as you equip arm parts with higher Firearm Specialization. Target Tracking is a stat found under your AC Specs—which is basically your armored core’s “general” stats.

    Target Tracking is directly responsible for how well you can land hits on moving targets. The game’s Contextual Help even clarifies this.

    Armored Core 6's Contextual Help explaining that higher Target Tracking stats help players hit moving targets more easily.

    You still need to be locked onto a target for this stat to matter; using blind-fire isn’t affected. It should also be mentioned that the only stat that contributes to the increase or decrease of your Target Tracking is Firearm Specialization.

    Once again, Firearm Specialization in Armored Core 6 is a stat on arm parts only. Your shoulder weapons are unaffected by this stat. If you’re having trouble hitting foes with your arm weapons, equip an arm part that has higher Firearm Specialization.

    Hitting targets is important for conserving ammunition. This is particularly important for arm weapons with slow fire rates (low Rapid Fire stats). In turn, optimizing your Target Tracking leads to an easier time achieving S-Rank in missions. If you want to become the best mercenary on Rubicon 3, you’ll need to pick your loadout carefully.

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