The AC's AP and remaining Repair Kits shown in the Armored Core 6 UI.

Armored Core 6: How to Improve Repair Kits

You can't get more Repair Kits, but you can increase the effectiveness of the ones you do have.

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Key Takeaway

You can improve your Repair Kits in the OS Tuning menu, under Damage Control. You’ll need a total of 25 OST Chips to fully upgrade Repair Kits. This increases their effectiveness to the point where each one will restore 2,000 AP.

You are only given three Repair Kits per mission and there’s no way to increase that number. However, you can learn how to improve Repair Kits in Armored Core 6 so that they give you more AP per use.

Table Of Contents

    How to Make Your Repair Kits Better

    You can make your Repair Kits more effective by heading to the OS Tuning menu. While here, you can see different tabs for different kinds of upgrades. Head all the way to the tab furthest to the right and you’ll find Damage Control. Under this, you’ll see Repair Kits – Optimization.

    OS Tuning is unlocked in the Garage menu after you complete the “Retrieve Combat Logs” mission in Chapter 1.

    The Repair Kit upgrade in the OS Tuning menu of Armored Core 6.

    You’ll need 3 OST Chips to install the first Repair Kits – Optimization upgrade. This increases the number of AP (your armored core’s ‘Health’) you receive when you use a Repair Kit by 500. Each following upgrade requires more OST Chips. You can only upgrade Repair Kits three more times after the initial installation.

    That being said, here’s how many OST Chips you’ll need and the increase in effectiveness per upgrade.

    • Install – 3 OST Chips, +500 AP restored
    • Update 1 – 5 OST Chips, +1,000 AP restored
    • Update 2 – 7 OST Chips, +1,500 AP restored
    • Update 3 – 10 OST Chips, +2,000 AP restored

    Where to Get OST Chips

    The Arena menu from Armored Core 6.

    You can get OST Chips by heading to the Arena and climbing through the Ranks. The Ranks in the Arena are based on letter rankings, from Rank F to Rank S. When the Arena becomes available, you won’t be able to access every Rank right away. The lower Ranks become available first, and the higher ones become available as you progress through the game.

    You’ll need a total of 25 OST Chips to fully upgrade your Repair Kits. You’ll have enough of that after defeating 10 ACs in the Arena. The Arena becomes accessible after you complete Chapter 2.

    Discovering how to improve Repair Kits in Armored Core 6 is arguably one of the first things you should do after unlocking OS Tuning. This title can turn into a complete bullet-hell game in certain situations, which means you will always receive damage—unless you’ve completely perfected each mission.

    Upgrade your Repair Kits and you’ll make it through to the end of the game. On top of that, using the best early-game builds effectively and reaching the ending becomes even more achievable.

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