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Armored Core 6: How to Play Multiplayer

FromSoftware just can't make their multiplayer modes straightforward.

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Key Takeaway

The multiplayer mode will become available after Chapter 2. It is called “Nest” and it can be accessed from the Garage.

To play the multiplayer mode in Armored Core 6, you’ll need to progress a bit through the main story. This is due to it not being available at the beginning of the game. Instead, you’ll have to wait a short while to battle your friends and other players online.

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    How to Unlock the Multiplayer Mode

    To access Armored Core 6‘s multiplayer mode, you’ll first have to complete the “Ocean Crossing” mission. This is the mission at the end of Chapter 2, which means you’ll first have to beat the first two chapters of the game to access multiplayer.

    A cutscene from the Ocean Crossing mission in Armored Core 6.

    While it’s frustrating that you’re unable to head into PvP right away, you can only access it after playing two chapters so that you’ve fully grasped most of the game’s mechanics before combating other online players.

    Armored Core 6‘s multiplayer mode is called Nest and it can be accessed from the Garage.

    Armored Core 6‘s Nest, Explained

    The Nest menu from Armored Core 6.

    Nest exclusively features PvP matches. You can either create your own room, host your own matches, or join others. There are two types of PvP matches in Nest: Singles and Teams.

    The Singles game type means 1v1 matches, which are a ‘best of three points’ situation. Each section of a Singles match is called a phase. If you destroy an enemy’s AC, you’ll end the phase by scoring one point. Get two points by winning two phases and you win the match.

    Next, the Teams game type means 3v3 matches. Such matches have a timer and you earn points by destroying enemy ACs. Whenever an AC gets destroyed, it will return to the arena after a few seconds. The match isn’t over until the time runs out. Whichever team has more points (having destroyed more of the other team’s ACs in most cases) wins when the timer reaches zero.

    Those are the fundamentals of how the PvP in Armored Core 6 works. Other than that, you can change the “Member Rotation” of a room. You have three options and this is what they all mean:

    • Locked – Everyone in the room sorties, or joins the match.
    • Losers Rotate – Some players get sortied, or play the game, while some spectate. Losers of each match get put in the reserves and spectate, replaced by the awaiting players.
    • Winners Rotate – Similar to the previous rotation, but the Winners are the ones that are replaced.

    There are other options: Time Limit and Map. You can set these to whatever you want or choose rooms based on your preferences.

    Does Armored Core 6 Have Co-op?

    Unfortunately, Armored Core 6 does not have a co-op mode. If you wish to engage in multiplayer, you can only do so in PvP. This means you’re left to do the rest of the story without any online help, nor can you complete a playthrough of a game with a friend beside you.

    True to FromSoftware fashion, the game’s multiplayer aspect isn’t as straightforward as you’d expect. However, once you finally figure out how to play multiplayer in Armored Core 6, it can be a very satisfying game mode. Use Nest as an opportunity to get better at the game, as there are really no other incentives to winning matches—at least for now.

    If you want to win more matches in Armored Core 6‘s multiplayer mode, make sure you have the proper parts. Purchase them from the Parts Shop, as some of the best weapons in the game are found there. Learn the best ways to get money in Armored Core 6 and you’ll have a better time exploring the game’s Nest mode.

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