The Magic Mirror, an item used to change your character's appearance mid-game in Baldur's Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3: How to Change Your Character’s Appearance Mid-Game

There's finally a way to fix that bad hairdo halfway through your epic journey.

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Key Takeaway

To change your character’s appearance mid-game, return to your campsite and interact with the Magic Mirror. This will transport you to the character creation screen, where you can alter everything from your character’s pronouns and hairstyle to their body art and eye color.

The Magic Mirror can’t be used to change your character’s body type, race, or subrace. It also can’t be used to change the physical appearance of Origin characters.

How to change your character’s appearance in Baldur’s Gate 3 isn’t immediately obvious—but still may be vital for your immersion needs. With Patch 3, it’s now possible to do so by using a classic fairytale object: a Magic Mirror.

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    How to Change Your Character’s Appearance Mid-Game

    Did you choose the wrong hairstyle for your Tiefling? Is your character’s eye color clashing with their armor? Do you wish you had opted for different tattoos? With Patch 3, Larian Studios has made it possible to alter your character’s appearance any time you like during your playthrough. Previously, the only way to change your appearance was to create an entirely new character.

    Upon returning to your campsite, you’ll find a flashy new item: the Magic Mirror. The Mirror’s location will depend on where you are in the story, as your campsite is located in different places throughout the game. However, it’s quite difficult to miss.

    The location of the Magic Mirror in camp during Act 3 in Baldur's Gate 3.

    Interact with the Magic Mirror to be transported to the character customization screen. From here, you can change a number of things, including your character’s voice, body art, facial features, eye color, makeup, hairstyle, and hair color. You can also change your character’s pronouns.

    Magic Mirror Restrictions

    While the Magic Mirror can be used to alter many of your character’s physical attributes, it can’t change everything. The Magic Mirror can’t be used to change your character’s body type, race, or subrace. 

    Additionally, if you are playing as an Origin character, you won’t be able to alter your physical appearance at all. Hirelings and fully Illithid characters are also unable to change their physical attributes.

    If you’d like to change your class, talk to Withers in camp.

    Baldur’s Gate 3 has introduced new levels of customization and freedom to the CRPG genre. Everything from your character’s looks to their deepest beliefs is entirely up to you, and Larian Studios has made it easier than ever to tailor your playthrough to your exact tastes—even if those tastes are prone to change.

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