The player about to give the Holy Oil in Blasphemous 2 to the NPC Yerma.

Blasphemous 2: Where to Get Holy Oil and What to Do With It

This oil is NOT for cooking.

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Key Takeaway

In Blasphemous 2 the Holy Oil of Everlasting Anointment is a quest item that you need to give Yerma near the end of the game to complete her questline. You’ll find it near the bottom of the Elevated Temples.

To reach it, from the rightmost Prie Dieu in this area, head down two floors, and then go right into a long room. At the end of the long room, past some yellow sparkles, you’ll find the Holy Oil.

Hang onto the Holy Oil until you get to the Two Moons area—where you’ll meet Yerma in front of the boss room. Give the Holy Oil to her then—before you beat the boss. After the boss fight, Yerma’s questline ends.

If you want to complete as many NPC quests as possible, you’ll need to find Holy Oil in Blasphemous 2. It’s needed to finish Yerma’s questline—which rewards you with a quick verse Prayer. Grab this fragrant fluid from the bottom of the Elevated Temples before handing it over to Yerma.

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    Where to Find the Holy Oil of Everlasting Anointment

    The Holy Oil in Blasphemous 2 is located at the bottom of the Elevated Temples—but you need the abilities to air dash and use yellow sparkles to reach it. Start from the Prie Dieu on the right of this region and go down two floors. Afterward, go right into a long room where you’ll find yellow sparkles in the air.

    Use air dashes and the yellow rings that spawn (due to having Scion’s Protection) to reach the other side of the huge gap in the floor. Here’s the route on the map image below marked with a red arrow.

    A red arrow showing the path from the rightmost Prie Dieu in the Elevated Temples to the room holding the Holy Oil of Everlasting Anointment.

    At the end of this path, you’ll find the Holy Oil of Everlasting Anointment on the ground. There’s also a glass mechanism nearby that you should break to open the gate to the right. Doing the latter opens up a convenient path back to an earlier Prie Dieu.

    The player picking up the Holy Oil of Everlasting Anointment in Blasphemous 2.

    How to Use the Holy Oil of Everlasting Anointment

    You need to hang onto the Holy Oil until you meet Yerma in the Two Moons area—give it to her then. Thankfully, the amiable warrior will be hanging out in front of the boss room. As such, you can’t miss her.

    If you get the Holy Oil before reaching this part of the Two Moons region, you can give it to Yerma before you can even enter the boss room. Doing so early does no harm, so go ahead and hand over the Holy Oil.

    Here’s where Yerma (and the entrance to the boss room) is located in the Two Moons. It’s a simple drop to the left from a nearby Prie Dieu. We’ve marked this room on the map with a red circle for your convenience.

    A red circle on the map showing where to find Yerma in the Two Moons area.

    Once you give Yerma the Holy Oil, go about the rest of your business in the Two Moons. When you’re ready, confront the boss and defeat her. After the battle, Yerma appears and thanks you for all your help. She then gives you the quick verse Prayer called Zejel of the Crueslest Thorn before bidding you a fond farewell.

    About the Quick Verse Prayer That Yerma Gives You

    Zejel of the Cruelest Thorn is a decent defensive Prayer that creates a ring of thorny projectiles around you. They rotate and speed up as long as you hold down the Prayer button. As such, this can be useful for blocking incoming projectiles and more.

    Due to Yerma helping you out in a few boss fights—like when facing Afilaor, Sentinel of the Emery—she is arguably the most helpful NPC. As such, it seems fitting to return the favor before parting ways with her for good. Her quest ends on a much more positive note than others, such as the House of Hatred and Grief. Bask in all the emotional sunshine you can, Penitent One, as most of Blasphemous 2‘s story elements end in suffering and sadness.

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