The player approaching the funeral carriage in Blasphemous 2.

Blasphemous 2: Where to Find All Forgotten Tributes

Don't forget to find these Forgotten Tributes!

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Key Takeaway

There are three Forgotten Tributes in Blasphemous 2. Here’s where to find them all:

  1. The first is found at the edge of the broken bridge in the Sea of Ink
  2. The second is found above a jumping puzzle in the Sacred Entombments
  3. The third is found within a hidden room in the Labyrinth of Tides

Locating all of the Forgotten Tributes in Blasphemous 2 means you’ll be able to hitch multiple rides from the funeral carriage. You need to do so in order to reach otherwise inaccessible areas. Make sure to grab all three Forgotten Tributes so you don’t miss out on hidden treasures!

Table Of Contents

    Location of Forgotten Tribute #1

    The first of the Forgotten Tributes can be found pretty quickly in your playthrough—it’s in the Sea of Ink; at the bottom of the elevator’s path from Profundo Lamento. Once you find the elevator in Profundo Lamento, ride it all the way down. Then go one screen to the left and you’ll find Forgotten Tribute #1 at the edge of the Sea of Ink’s currently broken bridge.

    Check out the map image below for this exact location marked with a red circle.

    The location of Forgotten Tribute #1 on the map.

    Afterward, head to the far left side of the Choir of Thorns. Here, you’ll meet the funeral carriage for the first time. Find them where we’ve made a red circle on the map image below.

    The first location of the funeral carriage in the Choir of Thorns.

    Give them the Forgotten Tribute and it’ll give you a ride to a previously locked-off area of Profundo Lamento. From now on, you’ll be able to return to the funeral carriage easily since it’s marked on the map with a unique green symbol.

    Location of Forgotten Tribute #2

    You can reach Forgotten Tribute #2 in the upper part of the Sacred Entombements as soon as you have both Veredicto as well as Sarmiento & Centella. There’s a jumping puzzle here that you need to complete to get the aforementioned tribute. You need Veredicto to ring the bells to spawn the temporary platforms and Sarmiento & Centella are needed to use the mirror statues.

    Now that you know what you need, make your way to the upper part of the Sacred Entombments. From the first Prie Dieu in this area, head to the right until you enter the next screen over. After that, jump up to a ledge on the left to reach a bell and begin the jumping puzzle. Take a look at the image below for the exact directions on how to get there.

    A red arrow showing a path through the Sacred Entombments that leads to a jumping puzzle that lets player get a Forgotten Tribute.

    Once you’re here, ring the bell and follow the temporary platforms up to where you find the mirror statues. Use said statues to get to a ledge on the right. This ledge houses the second Forgotten Tribute.

    The player picking up the Forgotten Tribute in the Sacred Entombments.

    The next time you pay the funeral carriage with this token, it’ll bring you to an upper area of the Choir of Thorns—slightly above where you first encountered the macabre cab.

    Location of Forgotten Tribute #3

    It’ll take a while to reach the point in the game where you can get the last Forgotten Tribute. This won’t be possible until after you beat Odón of the Confraternity of Salt—which is well into the second half of the game.

    With that said, you’ll find Forgotten Tribute #3 in the Labyrinth of Tides—to the left and a few floors down from the first Prie Dieu of this region. From the first Prie Dieu, head as far left as possible, go down one floor, then proceed right into a large room.

    When here, drop down another floor and go one screen to the right. Check out how to get here via the red arrow on the map image below.

    A red arrow on the map showing how to get from the first Prie Dieu in the Labyrinth of Tides to a Forgotten Tribute.

    Here, there’s a hidden room. You need to jump and grab the ledge on the left.

    A red arrow pointing out the ledge leading to a hidden room.

    Following this, slide to the left and you’ll spot an item on the ground. This item is the coveted Forgotten Tribute #3.

    The player picking up Forgotten Tribute #3 in the Labyrinth of Tides.

    After you bring the last Forgotten Tribute to the funeral carriage, it’ll take you to an upper region of the Severed Tower. Once that’s done, and you’ve grabbed the loot up there, you’re business with the funeral carriage is done.

    When you collect all the Forgotten Tributes in Blasphemous 2, you’re gaining access to some well-hidden items. Without the funeral carriage’s help, you wouldn’t be able to find at least one Abandoned Rosary Knot and other helpful treasures. If it was possible, we’d recommend giving the carriage driver a tip!

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