The player using a skill with Veredicto that causes a blue shockwave to emerge when they strike the ground.

Blasphemous 2: All Veredicto Weapon Memories

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Key Takeaway

There are eight Tier 1 skills and perks that cost a total of six Marks of Martyrdom. Next, there are five Tier 2 skills and perks which cost ten Marks of Martyrdom combined. Finally, there are five Tier 3 skills and perks that cost thirteen Marks of Martyrdom overall.

In total, every single skill and perk for Veredicto costs twenty-nine Marks of Martyrdom. Read on to learn about them all.

However, we’ll jump the gun a bit and tell you our favorites:

  • All of the passive perks are great (especially “Crucible of Faith”)
  • “And the Earth Shattered” is awesome for taking on bigger and slower enemies
  • “Azure Typhoon” makes life better due to quickly dispatching the annoying flying foes

All of the Veredicto Weapon Memories are useful for one reason or another in Blasphemous 2. Which ones you pick first are up to you. Choose those that enhance your playstyle so that you can smash through any opponent.

Table Of Contents

    Tier 1 Veredicto Weapon Memories

    You have access to all of the Tier 1 Weapon Memories from very early in the game. However, before you can purchase any of them, you need to meet Yerma for the first time in Profundo Lamento. This unlocks the Weapon Memories tab in the menu—as well as the first two skills: Thunder of Mercy and Embers of Faith.

    Here’s where to find Yerma after you enter Profundo Lamento. We marked the room on the map image below with a red circle.

    A room marked in red on the map where the player meets Yerma for the first time in Profundo Lamento.

    After that, it’s time to start spending Marks of Martyrdom!

    The Veredicto Weapon Memories tab where only Tier 1 skills and perks are available.
    Skill/Perk NameDescriptionPrerequisiteMarks of Martyrdom Needed
    Thunder of MercyHold down the attack button to charge a powerful strike that damages nearby enemies.NoneObtained automatically
    Embers of FaithThe skill button Activates Veredicto, adding Fire damage to attacks in exchange for Fervour. Once Activated, it will not extinguish until the Fervour is fully consumed.NoneObtained automatically
    Tempered FlamesPress the skill button to turn off Veredicto, interrupting the consumption of Fervour. This display of temperance can even be performed in the air.None1
    DeterminationIncreases base defense.None1
    Ignition StrikePress the skill button after an attack on the ground to convert it into a powerful horizontal strike that Turns Veredicto On or Off.None1
    Aerial IgnitionPress the skill button in the air to Activate Veredicto with a quick air strike. Can be used to cancel air strikes.None2
    Fiery StrikerIncreases Fire damage inflicted.None1
    Crucible of FaithHalves the time required to charge VeredictoNone1

    Tier 2 Veredicto Weapon Memories

    These skills are locked until you find the level 2 upgrade statue for Veredicto in the Elevated Temples. On top of that, you also need the get the proper prerequisite skills and perks from Tier 1 for any given ability.

    The Veredicto Weapon Memories tab where only Tier 1 and Tier 2 skills and perks are available.
    Skill/Perk NameDescriptionPrerequisiteMarks of Martyrdom Needed
    Sanctified EmbersReduces the Fervour consumed by Veredicto when Activated, and increases its elemental damage.Tempered Flames2
    Immaculate HarvestIncreases Fervour gain when attacking enemies with Veredicto.Ignition Strike1
    Blessed BronzeIncreases Veredicto's base damage.Aerial Ignition2
    And the Earth ShatteredThunder of Mercy creates shockwaves on the ground on impact.Azure Typhoon3
    Azure TyphoonYou can hold a charged Veredicto in the air. Release the attack button in the air to perform the Azure Typhoon, a powerful aerial attack that hits both sides.Crucible of Faith2

    Tier 3 Veredicto Weapon Memories

    Before you can access the Tier 3 skills and perks, you must find the final upgrade statue for Veredicto in the Sunken Cathedral. Once more, you’ll also need to unlock prerequisite skills and perks to obtain specific ones in the last tier.

    The Tier 3 skills and perks unlocked for Veredicto.
    Skill/Perk NameDescriptionPrerequisiteMarks of Martyrdom Needed
    Explosive EmbersCauses damage to an area by Activating Veredicto on the ground.Sanctified Embers3
    Endless FlamePress the skill button after an Ignition Strike to chain it into another attack.Blessed Bronze3
    Soul CombustionImprove charged attacks when used with Veredicto activated.Sacred Bronze3
    Sacred BronzeIncreases Veredicto's base damage.Azure Typhoon3
    Venomous StrikerIncreases Miasma damage inflicted.Sacred Bronze1

    The Best Weapon Memories for Veredicto

    To start, all of the passive perks are great. Simply getting automatic buffs is always viable. Of particular note is Crucible of Faith, which makes using Veredicto’s charged attacks much more convenient in battle. This also nicely leads to our next choices.

    Out of all the active skills, we like And the Earth Shattered as well as Azure Typhoon more than the others. And the Earth Shattered deals a ton of damage and can be used to cleave the health bars of tougher and slower foes. This makes those combat challenges and wall-like enemies go down quicker—which is a top-tier quality-of-life feature. For similar reasons, Azure Typhoon makes fighting flying enemies a literal breeze.

    Regardless of what we say, the best Veredicto Weapon Memories for you will depend on your build and playstyle. The same goes for the other weapons in your Blasphemous 2 armory. Once you fully upgrade Veredicto, consider doing the same for Ruego Al Alba—which is arguably the second-best weapon in the game. To use, Veredicto is the best. We really like how easily it beats adversaries into a pulp.

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