Susuyai Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom.

Complete Susuyai Shrine Guide – Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Complete the "A Spinning Device" trials.

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Susuyai Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom is dubbed as the A Spinning Device shrine. The trials in this shrine require you to carefully fuse a propeller with a wheel to other items to make it through to the end.

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    Susuyai Shrine Location

    Susuyai Shrine location in Tears of the Kingdom.

    The Susuyai Shrine is located southwest of Lookout Landing. It’s pretty close to the Jiosin Shrine. If you have the Paraglider, you can glide all the way to the shrine from the Skyview Tower in Lookout Landing.

    Susuyai Shrine Treasure Puzzle

    Susuyai Shrine Treasure puzzle solution.

    The first part of Susuyai Shrine has three makeshift cars going in two directions. The middle car has a treasure chest fused to it.

    To get the chest, grab the car with your Ultrahand ability and place it on the platform you’re currently standing on. It will drive into the wall and allow you to jump on top and get the chest containing Arrows x5.

    Susuyai Shrine Puzzle #1

    Susuyai Shrine puzzle 1 solution.

    Next, make your way through to the other side of the room without getting ran over. Once on the other platform, turn around and grab a car using your Ultrahand ability. Position it so that it drives up the ramp. Hop on top and ride your way up.

    Susuyai Shrine Puzzle #2

    Susuyai Shrine puzzle 2 solution.

    The next section has a gate that’s tied to the wheel that you can spin. If you spin the wheel, then the gate opens. As soon as you stop, the gate closes.

    Grab two of the wheels from the makeshift car from earlier and fuse them to the wheel. They will continue to spin, keeping the gate open.

    Susuyai Shrine Puzzle #3

    Susuyai Shrine puzzle 3 solution.

    The final area of Susuyai Shrine has a platform hanging on two rails. Fuse a wheel to the top, on top of the tracks so that it carries you to the other side.

    You’ll now be in the final room of the shrine. Get the Light of Blessing to complete the trials.