Zack chasing a Wutai Spy in Crisis Core.

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion – Where to Find the Wutai Spies

Flush out the cabal of spies.

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Key Takeaway

The six Wutai Spies are:

  • The guy wearing a dark green shirt over a gray top.
  • The Shinra Trooper in The Slums Market.
  • The man that exits the right elevator on the second floor of the Shinra Building.
  • The woman that’s talking to a guy in Sector 8.
  • The man that’s standing next to the rocket in the Exhibition Room in the Shinra Building.
  • The kid standing around in the Park in The Slums.

While playing Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Reunion, you’ll have the opportunity to catch six Wutai spies as Zack. This side mission happens when you talk to the Shinra soldier on Loveless Avenue during Chapter 5. This task, though, can be tricky. The Wutai spies really know how to blend in.

Table Of Contents

    Before Finding the Wutai Spies

    There are some things to keep in mind before you begin exploring Midgar to seek out these spies.

    First of all, you’ll need to complete this side mission before reaching Chapter 7. This chapter will take you out of Midgar, meaning you won’t have the opportunity to do this anymore.

    There are three reasons why it’s worthwhile to seek out these spies.

    • You’ll get the Wutai’s Nemesis trophy.
    • You’ll get a Walnut Wood, a Key Item required to build another flower wagon for Aerith. Building all three flower wagons will reward you with the Midgar Full of Flowers trophy.
    • This unlocks the missions under M4-3, also known as The Crescent Unit missions. The end of this mission chain rewards The Happy Turtle shop.

    Once you find these spies in the locations listed below, interact with them at least three times to blow their cover.

    Wutai Spy 1

    Zack speaking to the first Wutai spy.

    After speaking to the Shinra soldier that tells you about the Wutai spies, turn around, then make the first left. You’ll spot a truck on the side of the street here. Look ahead and you’ll spot a man in a gray shirt under a dark green unbuttoned polo. This guy is your first Wutai spy.

    Wutai Spy 2

    Zack speaking to a Wutai Spy that's disguised as a Shinra Trooper.

    The second spy is in the Sector 5 Slums Market. It’s the guy masquerading as a Shinra Trooper.

    Wutai Spy 3

    Zack speaking to the third Wutai spy.

    To find the third Wutai spy, you’ll need to return to the Shinra Building. Upon entering the building, go up the stairs and proceed to the elevators. Wait for the elevator doors on the right to open. The guy that comes out of this door is the third spy.

    If the elevator won’t open for you, try running away from the area for a bit. Then, turn around to see if the door has opened.

    Wutai Spy 4

    Zack speaking to the fourth Wutai Spy.

    Return to Sector 8. Head to the fountain and take the flight of stairs next to the save point. You’ll see a woman talking to a guy. Talk to the woman three to four times to blow her cover.

    Wutai Spy 5

    Zack speaking to the fifth Wutai Spy.

    Return to the Shinra Building once more. Head to the elevators and ride it to the Exhibition Room. The spy is the man that’s standing directly in front of the rocket.

    Wutai Spy 6

    Zack talking to a Wutai Spy that's disguised as a kid.

    The intel you get for the final Wutai spy is that he may be a “true professional.” To find this master of espionage, head to the Park section of The Slums. The spy you’re looking for is the kid that’s wearing a blue and white shirt and a camo cap. Talk to this kid once and he’ll instantly reveal that he’s a true Wutai trooper. A true professional indeed.