A follower's loyalty level increasing in Cult of the Lamb.

Cult of the Lamb: How to Increase Loyalty

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Key Takeaway

You can raise a follower’s loyalty by interacting with them, giving them gifts, and doing their quests. You can also perform sermons, rituals, and doctrines. Feeding them certain meals can also raise their loyalty. Finally, there’s an NPC you can meet while going on crusades that will raise a follower’s loyalty for you.

In Cult of the Lambyour followers are motivated by loyalty. Keep this high and they’ll keep doing tasks for you. There are other positive effects of keeping loyalty high, as well as negative effects of keeping it low.

There are a lot of paths that you can take in this game to increase your followers’ loyalty. That said, you can take advantage of multiple ways in a span of time to ensure your followers’ loyalty are always high.

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    Interact With Followers

    The lamb interacting with a follower.

    Mere interactions with followers let you increase their loyalty. Initially, you have the “Bless” option while interacting with a follower, which grants +20 loyalty.

    As you progress through the game, you’ll have the option to declare doctrines that add new interactions, such as Inspire, Intimidate, and Bribe. These provide +25, +15, and +15 faith, respectively.

    Give Gifts

    Giving a follower a gift in Cult of the Lamb.

    You can collect Small Gifts, Big Gifts, and Necklaces while crusading in Cult of the Lamb. You can give these gifts to your followers to increase their loyalty.

    Complete Follower Quests

    A follower leveling up in Cult of the Lamb.

    Every so often, a follower will come up to you to ask for a favor, initiating a follower quest. Complete the quest and that follower’s loyalty meter will increase.

    These quests vary from simple requests such as performing a certain ritual, building certain structures, or cooking certain meals, among other things. Sometimes the quest is more challenging. A follower will often ask you to go on a crusade to look for a friend or relative, which you can turn into a follower once rescued.

    Perform Sermons

    The lamb holding a sermon.

    Performing sermons every day is a habit you’ll need to get into while playing Cult of the Lamb. Among the many benefits of doing this is it increases the loyalty of your followers.

    Your followers’ loyalties will increase by 5 each time you perform a sermon. This may not seem like much, but you’re increasing the loyalty of every single one of your followers.

    Declare New Doctrines

    Crown Offerings in Cult of the Lamb.

    Each time you declare a new doctrine, you increase the loyalty of your followers by +5. This isn’t the best way to earn loyalty in Cult of the Lamb, but given how important doctrines are anyway, this increase in loyalty is a nice bonus.

    Perform Ritual

    Performing the Ascend ritual in Cult of the Lamb.

    Rituals are a great way to boost the loyalty of your followers in an instant.

    There’s a wide variety of spells that you can do in Cult of the Lamb, each providing different results. These are the rituals you’ll want to do to increase the loyalty of your followers:

    • Alms for the Poor: This ritual has you give Coins to your followers. In return, their loyalty will increase by 25.
    • Ascend Follower Ritual: The loyalty increase your followers will receive will depend on the level of the ascended follower. If a level 1 follower gets ascended, the other followers will receive a +10% loyalty increase. This increases by another 10 percent for succeeding levels.
    • Fight Pit Ritual: This ritual pits two followers to fight each other to the death. At the end of the fight, you have the option to either have the loser killed or be spared. If killed, the winner will gain 60 loyalty. If spared, the loser will gain 25 loyalty, but the winner gains none.
    • Loyalty Enforcer: With this ritual, you’ll task one follower to be a Loyalty Enforcer. This follower will then go around the camp and raise everyone’s loyalty by 5 every day.

    Cook Meals for Your Followers

    The Lamb cooking in Cult of the Lamb.

    There are certain meals that you can cook for your followers that increase their loyalty. However, some meals have a higher chance of having this effect than others.

    • Meager Mixed Meal: 10% chance of increasing loyalty.
    • Modest Mixed Meal: 10% chance of increasing loyalty.
    • Minced Follower Meat: 25% chance of increasing loyalty.
    • Splendid Vegetable Feast: 50% chance of increasing loyalty.
    • Magnificent Mixed Meal: 100% chance of increasing loyalty.

    Put Up a Confession Booth

    The Confession Booth structure from Cult of the Lamb.

    A Confession Booth is a faith structure that you can put up in your camp. You can use this and bring a follower in. This increases their loyalty by around 50% to 75%.

    However, you can only use the Confession Booth once per day.

    Loyalty-Raising NPC

    The lamb meeting the NPC that can raise a follower's loyalty.

    On your crusades, you’ll occasionally encounter an NPC that will offer to raise the loyalty of one follower for you. The name and appearance of this NPC vary from player to player, but for most players, this NPC is named Ratau. Whether this is a bug or not is unknown.

    Whatever the case, when you do meet this NPC, be sure to take advantage of his services and raise the loyalty of one of your followers through him.

    Loyalty Effects

    Loyalty dictates your followers’ levels. Think of them as their experience points. Keep raising their loyalty and their level will raise as well.

    Higher-level followers are generally more efficient with tasks that involve devotion. A higher-level character worshipping at a Shrine generates more devotion than low-level followers.

    A higher-level follower also provides more devotion and coin during sermons and rituals.

    When sent on quests via the Missionary structure, a higher-level follower has a higher chance of success. Followers who get turned into demons with the Demonic Summoning Circle also have better stats when their levels are high.