Beetroot in Cult of the Lamb.

Cult of the Lamb: Where to Find Beetroot

Gather Beetroot to cook awesome meals for your followers.

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Key Takeaway

The best way to gather Beetroot in Cult of the Lamb is to farm them using Beetroot Seeds. You can get Beetroot Seeds by exploring Silk Cradle or buying them from Rakshasha for 5 gold coins.

Beetroot is a resource you’ll need to cook the best meals in Cult of the Lamb. You’ll want to do this to keep your followers happy and well-fed. Thankfully, beetroot isn’t at all that complicated to amass.

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    Plant Beetroot Seeds

    The best way to obtain Beetroot in Cult of the Lamb is to grow them yourself. You’ll need to collect Beetroot Seeds for this and plant them on Farm Plots.

    There are multiple ways to get Beetroot Seeds in the game.

    • Exploring Silk Cradle
    Obtaining Beetroot Seeds from Silk Cradle.

    Beetroot and Beetroot Seeds are somewhat native to the Silk Cradle. While exploring this dungeon, you’ll find beetroot bunches and piles that you can harvest or destroy. These contain Beetroots and Beetroot Seeds.

    Alternatively, you can also obtain them by buying them from shops, opening chests, or defeating bosses in the Silk Cradle.

    • Buying Beetroot Seeds
    Buying Beetroot Seeds in Cult of the Lamb.

    The easiest way to collect as many Beetroot Seeds as possible is to buy them from Rakshasha. You meet this NPC as you crawl your way through dungeons. After meeting him for the first time, he can be found outside the cult HQ, right before the entrance to Anchordeep.

    Rakshasha sells Beetroot Seeds for 5 gold coins.

    Using Beetroot in Cult of the Lamb

    Beetroot is needed to cook the following meals:

    • Splendid Vegetable Feast
    • Magnificent Mixed Meal

    Both of these dishes are rated three stars, making them among the game’s best meals. These two in particular increase a follower’s loyalty and stop them from dissenting. On top of that, they raise the cult’s overall hunger level exponentially.