Showcasing the lumber and stone in Cult of the Lamb.

Cult of The Lamb: Where to Get More Lumber and Stone

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Key Takeaway

You can get more lumber and stone by going on crusades, sending your followers on a mission to retrieve them, harvesting them from trees and rock formations, or by building lumberyards and stone mines.

Lumber and Stone are commonly-required resources in Cult of the LambMost of the structures you’ll build in this game require them. If you want your base to be as incredible as possible, you’ll want to farm these.

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    Trees and Rock Formations

    The lamb standing next to a rock formation in Cult of the Lamb.

    You can find trees at various locations that you can cut down. They’re more prominent in your base and in Pilgrim’s Passage. Cut these trees to collect a few pieces of lumber. Trees will grow at random places after a span of time.

    Similar to trees, you can also find rock formations at various locations in the game. Break these down to collect stones. You can find these in your base as well, or in Pilgrim’s Passage.


    Map icons that indicate rooms that contain lumber and stone.

    Going on crusades is one of the most optimal ways of gathering resources in Cult of the Lamb, including lumber and stone. You can find these as you explore the various areas in each biome.

    You can gather lumber from lumber stockpiles and the wooden training dummies at the start of combat areas. As for stones, you can collect them from stone piles or rock formations found in various rooms.

    There are also exclusive areas that contain a huge amount of either lumber or stone. You can determine these rooms from their map icons.

    Lumberyards and Stone Mines

    The lamb standing next to lumberyards and stone mines.

    As you continue to expand your base, your lumber and stone requirement will continue to increase. Going on crusades, chopping down trees, and breaking rock formations may not be enough to sustain your base.

    To have a steady supply of lumber and stone, you’ll need to build lumberyards and stone mines. You don’t have the ability to build these at the start of the game. You get the option to build these structures by having your followers worship at the shrine to generate devotion.

    Once you obtain enough devotion, you’ll receive Divine Inspiration. This is used to unlock a new structure for you to build. Be sure to unlock the Lumberyard and Stone Mine as soon as you can. You can also get their upgraded variations later on.


    Sending a follower on a mission to get more lumber.

    You can also build a structure called Missionary later in the game if you haven’t already. With this structure, you can send your followers to go on missions. You can assign them to gather different kinds of resources for you, including lumber and stone.

    Take note that your followers won’t always succeed in these missions. You can see their success rate when interacting with the Missionary structure. The level of your follower will determine their success rate. The higher the follower’s level, the more likely they are to succeed in their missions.

    With that in mind, be sure to send high-level followers to gather lumber or stone for you.