The Chosen Undead kneeling before the Warriors of Sunlight altar.

Dark Souls: How to Get Sunlight Medals

Is this how you become Solaire's best buddy?

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Key Takeaway

You earn Sunlight Medals in Dark Souls by:

  • Defeating bosses with Solaire
  • Defeating bosses with Warriors on Sunlight cooperators
  • Farming Chaos Bugs
  • Freeing Lautrec
  • Getting three from a chest in Anor Londo

The Sunlight Medal is one of the covenant items in Dark Souls. These are used for ranking up in the Warriors of Sunlight. If you’re a member of this covenant, you’ll need at least 10 to receive everything possible from the Warriors of Sunlight.

Table Of Contents

    Defeat Bosses With Solaire

    The Chosen Undead speaking with Solaire.

    Solaire of Astora is the only Warrior of Sunlight NPC you meet in the game. After meeting him in the Undead Burg, he’ll become available to summon during various boss fights later.

    When you defeat Dark Souls bosses while having Solaire as a cooperator, you receive a Sunlight Medal on top of the usual rewards. The following are the boss encounters where you can summon Solaire as a cooperator and where you can find his summon sign.

    Remember, you must be in Human form to summon cooperators in Dark Souls, even when that cooperator is an NPC like Solaire.
    • Bell Gargoyles – His summon sign is found before the fog gate.
    • Gaping Dragon – On the staircase just before the boss room.
    • Ornstein and Smough – His summon sign is on the left staircase closest to the boss room when facing it.
    • Centipede Demon – You’ll find his summon sign just before the boss room.
    • Gwyn, Lord of Cinder – If you follow through with Solaire’s questline and he survives in the Lost Izalith, you can summon him for the final boss fight in the game.

    You can also summon Solaire for the Gwyndolin boss fight in Anor Londo to earn another Sunlight Medal. This only works if you haven’t beaten Ornstein and Smough yet. Summon him with the summon sign close to the Ornstein and Smough boss room, head to the Darkmoon Tomb, and enter Gwyndolin’s boss arena. Solaire will follow you all the way to the Darkmoon Tomb for some jolly cooperation.

    That being said, he won’t actually cross the fog gate. This means Solaire will not join you as you fight Gwyndolin. Regardless, defeat Gwyndolin this way and you will still receive a Sunlight Medal.

    Co-op With Other Warriors of Sunlight Members to Beat Bosses

    The Warriors of Sunlight covenant is meant for players who enjoy cooperating with other players online. Summon other Warrior of Sunlight covenant members for boss fights and you will earn a Sunlight Medal whenever you defeat bosses this way.

    On top of that, this method also works when you’re the one who’s summoned into the world of a Warriors of Sunlight host.

    Co-op with other Warriors of Sunlight members is the easiest and most fun way to earn more Sunlight Medals in the game. After all, the main purpose of covenants in Dark Souls is to participate in cooperative play. Take advantage of this mechanic and you’ll have all the Sunlight Medals you can want.

    Loot a Chest in Anor Londo

    The Chosen Undead looting a chest in Anor Londo for Sunlight Medals in Dark Souls.

    You will find three Sunlight Medals in a chest in Anor Londo. The chest with three Sunlight Medals is in the room that’s right across the bonfire room in the main Anor Londo castle. There’s a Silver Knight in this room as well. Get rid of it to access the chest freely and receive your three Sunlight Medals.

    Free Lautrec

    Knight Lautrec is an NPC you can free from a locked cell in the Undead Parish. You can open his cell using the Master Key or the Mystery Key. Furthermore, you can find the latter on a corpse behind the ladder in an underground cellar in the Undead Parish.

    The location of the Mystery Key in the Undead Parish.

    You enter this cellar from the yard where you find an armored Fang Boar.

    To get to his cell, ascend the Undead Parish. Keep going until you’re in the area where there’s a Channeler along with a ton of Undead enemies. Once you’re in this area, make a left and enter the hallway on the left corner. Proceed forward and be wary of the Balder Knight here.

    You’ll find a wooden door at the end of this path. Break it down with any attack. Enter the room and you’ll find Knight Lautrec’s cell on the upper level.

    The Chosen Undead about to free Knight Lautrec from his prison cell to get a Sunlight Medal in Dark Souls.

    Open it with a Master Key or Mystery Key to free him.

    After freeing the gold-armored knight, you’ll find him in Firelink Shrine, sitting right across Anastacia’s cell. Talk to Lautrec at Firelink Shrine to receive a Sunlight Medal.

    Kill Chaos Bugs

    The Chosen Undead trying to get a Sunlight Medal by killing a Chaos Bug in Dark Souls.

    The Chaos Bugs you find in the Demon Ruins and Lost Izalith areas of Dark Souls have a 3% chance of dropping a Sunlight Medal. If you’re keen on taking this route to farm Sunlight Medals, be sure to equip the Covetous Gold Serpent Ring and have at least 10 Humanities on you to increase your chances of receiving a Sunlight Medal.

    You earn interesting Miracles when you rank up in the Warriors of Sunlight covenant. These can be useful when dealing with some of the game’s toughest bosses and while traversing the game’s more challenging areas. Take the time to farm medals and rank up within this covenant to receive these radiant boons. Afterward, you’ll reach the game’s ending in no time. Good luck!

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