The Chosen Undead in the Depths.

Dark Souls: How to Get to the Depths

Get ready to enter hell!

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Key Takeaway

Defeat the Capra Demon to receive the Key to the Depths. Open the door at the end of Lower Undead Burg to reach the Depths.

The Depths in Dark Souls is an infamous location. It’s dark, damp, somewhat terrifying, and of course, filled with tough enemies. It’s a gateway to the deeper parts of the game, which means things are only going to get tougher from here.

Table Of Contents

    Getting the Key to the Depths

    To open the path to the Depths, you’ll first need to defeat the boss in Lower Undead Burg: the Capra Demon.

    The Capra Demon from Dark Souls, which holds the Key to the Depths.

    The Capra Demon itself isn’t too tough of a boss, but what makes this encounter challenging is the arena. It’s cramped and narrow, and the Capra Demon is accompanied by two dogs.

    When facing this boss, be sure to deal with the dogs first. Once they’re eliminated, you can then focus your attacks on the Capra Demon.

    When you’re close to the boss, he’ll only do a two-slash combo where he’ll raise his machete over his right shoulder before slashing diagonally—and then following it up with the same attack from the other direction.

    The Capra Demon attacking the Chosen Undead.

    Dodge both attacks by rolling to the direction of where the attack comes from. Once he’s done, land an attack of your own.

    The Capra Demon will also do a slam attack. He usually does this when you’re standing out of his reach.

    The Capra Demon leaping towards the Chosen Undead.

    You’ll get slammed to the ground if you get hit by this. Be sure to dodge to the left or right to evade. Alternatively, dodge towards him when the demon is in the air to roll under the fiend. Afterward, follow up your dodge by landing an attack of your own.

    Take advantage of the stairs here to gain elevation and get away from the Capra Demon. This will give you a second or two to heal.

    The Chosen Undead drinking an Estus Flask.

    After a few hits, you’ll be able to take this enemy down. You’ll receive the Key to Depths for overcoming this grueling boss fight.

    Finding the Entrance to the Depths

    Once the Capra Demon is finally defeated, it’s time to head to the Depths. However, if you have low HP and you have no Estus Flasks left, it’s best to use a Homeward Bone for now to get to your previously used bonfire. This should ideally be the one at Undead Burg.

    That being said, if you want to make your way to the Depths, exit the Capra Demon’s boss room and make a left. Proceed through the narrow stairway until you’re close to the bottom.

    Before reaching the bottom of the stairs, be mindful of the blind spot to the left. There’s an assassin here that’s waiting to ambush you. Attack it before it can attack you.

    The Chosen Undead facing an undead assassin.

    Continue forward and you’ll find a staircase on the left. If you climb this staircase, you’ll find yourself in a tower. If you go up this tower, you’ll arrive at a shortcut that leads to the Firelink Shrine. You’ll also encounter an Undead Merchant here that sells items such as Moss Clumps.

    You should purchase Purple Moss Clumps, Blooming Purple Moss Clumps, and Purging Stones from this merchant. You’ll need them for the Depths—trust us.

    That said, head back down, exit the tower, make a left, and return to ground level. There’s a door ahead and to the right. Open this door with the Key to the Depths and you’ll reach your destination.

    The Depths in Dark Souls can be an unforgiving place. Be sure to come prepared. Purchase items from the merchants you encountered earlier and upgrade your weapon. If you need a strong armament, try the Claymore or the Drake Sword. You’ll need all the help you can get down below.

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