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Death Must Die Library, Explained

Take a look, and read a book!

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Key Takeaway

The Library in Death Must Die is solely for reading lore books you’ve collected. However, due to the game still being in early access, it’s possible that more functions for the Library may be added in the future.

While Death Must Die can sometimes be cryptic with details, it’s pretty transparent when it introduces you to the Library. This bookshelf located near the north end of your hub area is where you can re-read lore books you’ve found in the past.

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    What Does the Library Do in Death Must Die?

    A player looking at the items in the Library.

    So far, the only function of the Library in Death Must Die (a lone bookshelf) is to store lore books you’ve found. It acts similarly to your storage chest, but the Library can only hold lore items and nothing else. Whenever a run ends, you can place the lore items you’ve found in the Library.

    Since Death Must Die is still in early access, new functions of the Library may be added later. However, we doubt that’ll be the case, as the Library’s current function seems logical and complete as is.

    How to Unlock the Library

    The Library automatically appears in the hub area after you find your first lore item in a run. The Library comes with a scroll on it titled “A Little Present…” This scroll tells you that the Library is a gift from the Shopkeeper and explains its function of storing collected lore items.

    How to Find Books (Lore Items) in Death Must Die

    Books (lore items) are unique items that can only be found on bookshelf encounters within Death’s Realm. You cannot get lore items as drops from enemies. As such, to find more lore items, you’ll have to travel far and wide across Death’s Realm. Keep an eye on your minimap, as encounters appear as yellow dots on it. Any encounter can be a bookshelf, so you should always investigate them!

    Once you find a bookshelf, make sure to put the books you find on it in your inventory. That way, you can bring them back to your Library and grow your literary collection.

    Although the Library and its books won’t help you defeat the Grim Reaper in Death Must Die, such features add some low-intensity worldbuilding that many players appreciate. It’s optional, so, if you don’t care for the game’s characters, lore, and—occasionally—comedy, then you’re welcome to ignore the Library. With that said, we find most video games are more fun if we’re immersed in their stories.

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