Time, Leigong, and Winter side-by-side.

How Many Gods Appear Per Run in Death Must Die

Graced by the gods.

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Key Takeaway

In every run, you can encounter a total of four gods in Death Must Die. One of these four is always the Moirai, Goddesses of Fate. The other three are randomly selected from the remaining eight gods.

With so much going on per run in Death Must Die, it can be hard to keep track of how many gods you’ve encountered so far. Thankfully, the maximum number is always consistent. There’s an easy way to check whose blessings you carry as well!

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    The Maximum Number of Gods You Can Meet in a Run

    The god Time speaking to the player.

    You’ll only encounter four different gods per run in Death Must Die. One of these is always the Moirai, the Goddesses of Fate. However, the other three can be any of the remaining eight gods.

    Here’s a list of every god in Death Must Die:

    1. Summer, Goddess of Fire
    2. Krom, God of Conquest
    3. Mort, Daughter of Death
    4. Moirai, Goddesses of Fate
    5. Winter, Goddess of Cold
    6. Leigong, God of Lightning
    7. Ninh, Goddess of Earth
    8. Lady Justice
    9. Time
    Death Must Die is still in early access, so more gods may be added to the game later.

    Why Do the Moirai, the Goddesses of Fate, Always Show Up?

    The Moirai, the Goddesses of Fate, speaking to the player in Death Must Die.

    The Moirai only offer Passives as their god blessings. Since you can have an infinite number of Passives, in terms of gameplay balance, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t show up in every run. The blessings they grant are always useful though almost never overpowered. As such, stacking tons of the Moirai’s blessings won’t make your run too easy.

    How to Check Which Gods You’ve Met So Far

    Press the Tab key to bring up your blessings menu. Here, you can see every blessing you’ve taken so far in your run. While hovering over each blessing doesn’t tell you which god it came from, determining this isn’t too hard without aid. Summer, the Goddess of Fire, gives you fire stuff; Ninh, the Goddess of Earth, gives you rock stuff; and so on.

    Can You Choose Which Gods Appear in a Run?

    No, you can’t choose which gods appear in each Death Must Die run. However, you can change whose blessings you receive up to a certain point. Some equippable items give you Banishes, Rerolls, and Alterations.

    The player hovering over an equipped relic that gives them Alterations.

    The latter—Alteration, symbolized by a blue butterfly—allows you to change what god is appearing before you at the current blessing selection screen. When used, the current god before you leaves and is replaced by another. There are no repercussions to doing this.

    The Alteration symbol, a blue butterfly, on the right of the blessing selection screen in Death Must Die.

    However, you can only alter what god is present equal to the number of Alterations you have. This is indicated by the number next to the blue butterfly on the right side of the blessing selection screens. Once you’ve used all your Alterations, you won’t get any more until your next run.

    When to Use Alterations

    When to use Alterations heavily depends on what character you’re using and what kind of build you’re assembling. With that said, we recommend waiting until the third god (not including the Moirai) shows up. That way, you’ll have better odds of altering the third god into one that you want.

    For example, if you’re using Kront as your character and want to do a knockback-oriented build, you’ll have to wait for Krom to show up. If you get Leigong as your first god, using an Alteration at this point means there’s a one-in-eight chance Krom appears.

    However, if you wait until you already have two gods on your side (yet haven’t found Krom yet), using an Alteration on the third non-Krom god gives you a one-in-six chance of finding the desired God of Conquest. This is because Alterations never cause a god you’ve already met to show up—unless you’ve already met and chosen a blessing from three non-Moirai gods in your current run. In the latter case, Alterations will merely cycle to another god you’ve already met in the current run.

    Now that you have a bit more insight into how many gods show up per run in Death Must Die, you can plan your builds even better! Think about what your character is good at, what items they have equipped, and how efficiently you can shatter hordes of skeletons. To make the most of chance-based variables, be sure to raise your Luck stat as well.

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