Close up of the description for the Hawkmoon in Xur's inventory.

Destiny 2: How to Get the Hawkmoon

Get the Hawmoon to dominate with great impact and handling stats.

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Key Takeaway

To get the Hawkmoon, you can buy it from Xur, the wandering merchant. Xur will have the Hawkmoon in stock every week, regardless of where he shows up. Alternatively, if you have the Season of the Hunt DLC, you can do some quests for the NPCs named Spider and Crow to get the Hawkmoon.

Hand cannons in Destiny 2 are powerful, single-shot weapons. What’s more, the legendary and exotic-tier ones pack devastating power. To obtain the Hawkmoon, an exotic hand cannon, you can get it from a wandering merchant or as a quest reward.

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    Buy the Hawkmoon From Xur

    A player looking at the Hawkmoon exotic gun in the inventory of Xur, the wandering merchant.

    A merchant who is guaranteed to have the Hawkmoon in stock is Xur. However, Xur moves around a lot. He will appear in a different place every week from Friday to Tuesday.

    Additionally, buying the Hawkmoon is very expensive. Its Glimmer cost alone is hundreds of times more than most of the other items Xur sells—which are fairly expensive in their own right. On top of that, you’ll need lots of Legendary Shards as well as an Exotic Cipher and an Ascendant Shard.

    Get the Hawkmoon From Spider and Crow

    A large character with multiple eyes that resemble that of a spider.

    If you own the Season of the Hunt DLC for Destiny 2, you can get the Hawkmoon by doing a few quests. To begin the first quest, which is called “As the Crow Flies,” you’ll need to visit an NPC named Spider who lives on the Tangled Shore. When speaking with Spider, pick up the quest from his inventory to get started.

    How to Complete As the Crow Flies

    You need to collect five golden feathers for Crow, who hangs out close to Spider. The first one is found just outside Spider’s home. It’s on a Sparrow buffer to the left of the exit from Spider’s lair.

    Player marker on the map where the first golden feather can be found.

    The next feather is found in the EDZ (European Dead Zone). Fly to The Sludge’s landing zone. Near the landing zone, there is a cliff above a small ravine. Climb up to the top of this cliff to find a warehouse. Close to the warehouse will be a partially broken walkway with a roof. On this walkway will be the second feather.

    Player marker showing where a golden feather's location in The Sludge.

    You then need to go to the Cosmodrome. Choose The Steppes landing zone and then look for a nearby concrete column. The third golden feather is on top of this bit of rubble.

    The location of a golden feather in The Steppes shown by the player's marker.

    After that, head to the Dreaming City. Choose the Divalian Mists landing zone. Travel towards the Blind Well, but stop at the gated entrance. There is another golden feather on the base of one of the pillars flanking the gate.

    The player's location when they find the fourth golden feather in the Divalian Mists.

    To find the last golden feather, go to the Moon. Land at Sorrow’s Harbor and then go southwest into Archer’s Line. When there, look for the doorway that leads underground into the Shrine of Oryx’s tunnels. Go through the tunnels until you reach the shrine part. In this room, the fifth golden feather is located near the stairs and some machinery.

    The player's marker showing them near the spot where the fifth golden feather is found.

    After collecting all five golden feathers (which feels more like a Legend of Zelda quest than one from Destiny 2), return to Spider’s lair and speak to Crow (Uldren Sov) to complete this leg of the questline for the Hawkmoon. Next, you must start another quest, which is called “Let Loose Thy Talons.”

    How to Complete Let Loose Thy Talons

    Speaking with Crow will let you start this quest. You must complete the Cry from Beyond mission, which is done in the EDZ. This involves you going to The Sludge area and following a bird around until you find an effigy of Hawkmoon. When you pick it up, this leg of the quest will end.

    When you return to Crow with the effigy, he’ll want you to strengthen it. Crow will then ask you to do so by collecting 50 Orbs of Power. There are two main ways in which you can do so: using Supers and Masterworked weapons to get multikills. Once you’ve gathered 50 Orbs of Power, return to Crow.

    Two glowing white orbs on the ground.

    Crow then asks you to investigate some coordinates in the EDZ. The coordinates lead you to an abandoned building with an open door (which was previously closed). Within, there’s a bird that you must speak with to complete this leg of the quest.

    The bird will then direct you to collect more golden feathers. In the area, you must travel along the simple path and collect feathers as you go. Thankfully, they show up on your HUD, so almost all of them are easy to find. The last feather is held by the boss at the end of the area. When you have all the golden feathers, return to Crow on the Tangled Shore.

    The next mission Crow gives you is to take out a bunch of Guardians or Champions. He’ll give you a set number of how many deaths he wants. You’re free to complete this task however you want, as there are no specific requirements.

    When you’ve racked up enough kills, head to The Sludge in the EDZ. Here, you’ll find the friendly bird once more. Speaking with them will start a mission that seems similar to the one you completed near the start of this quest. However, through this revamped mission, you’ll get the Hawkmoon. After you obtain it, blast your way to the end of the mission to complete the quest.

    How Good Is the Hawkmoon?

    As it is a hand cannon, one thing is for certain: the Hawkmoon has a very high impact stat. It also has an excellent handling stat, meaning that it’s one of the easier guns to wield.

    On top of that, even though its other stats aren’t nearly as high as its impact and handling, they are not bad for a hand cannon. Such weapons usually suffer in regard to range and reload speed, but the Hawkmoon doesn’t fare too poorly in that respect.