Extra Fizzy Root Beer in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Extra Fizzy Root Beer

Build your friendship with Scar and restore the river to the Sunlit Plateau with a little help from an Extra Fizzy Root Beer.

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Key Takeaway

Make sure you use Dried Ginger when crafting Extra Fizzy Root Beer. Regular Ginger won’t have the same effect, so you’ll need to use the quest-specific ingredients.

Making Extra Fizzy Root Beer is a vital part of unlocking the Sunlit Plateau’s full potential in Disney Dreamlight Valley. However, you’ll need a few specific ingredients to craft this quest item and progress further with Scar.

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    Exploring the Vitalys Mines

    As part of your work to fully access the Sunlit Plateau in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll need to explore the Vitalys Mines. The mines become accessible as part of the iconic Lion King villain Scar’s initial questline.

    The Nature and Nurture quest will require you to do some cleanup work in the Sunlit Plateau at Scar’s request. However, while you’re busy carrying out his every whim, you’ll discover that there are several obstacles blocking your path.

    In particular, you won’t be able to fully unlock the Sunlit Plateau until you’ve discovered what’s blocking the biome’s river. The answer can be found deep inside the Vitalys Mines, where some Giant Night Thorns are wrapped around a pillar, blocking the flow of water. The way to clear these is by crafting an Extra Fizzy Root Beer, which will fizz up and blast the Giant Night Thorns off of the pillar.

    The intersection of the train tracks in the Vitalys Mines in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    To get started, follow the train tracks straight on from the mine entrance until you come to a small intersection. You’ll see a set of mine carts ahead of you. Turn around and head back up the rocky ramp that’s just off to your right. Up here, you’ll find a wooden sign with instructions attached for how to craft an Extra Fizzy Root Beer.

    How to Make Extra Fizzy Root Beer

    The instructions on the wooden sign will signpost you to a nearby chest and campfire. You should have passed them earlier as you entered the mine and made your way toward the train tracks.

    The signpost with instructions in the Vitalys Mine in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Head back down the ramp and open up the chest at the small camp area. Inside it will be the recipe for Extra Fizzy Root Beer, some Dried Ginger, and some Crackling Candies. You can now use the recipe in your inventory to learn it permanently.

    To make the Extra Fizzy Root Beer, you’ll need to use the special Dried Ginger ingredient found in the chest. Using ordinary Ginger that can be harvested from the Sunlit Plateau won’t work.

    To turn a standard Root Beer into an Extra Fizzy Root Beer, you’ll need to use the quest item, Dried Ginger. This is the only way that you can create this item, so don’t lose or use the Dried Ginger elsewhere!

    Crafting Extra Fizzy Root Beer

    With the Dried Ginger in your possession, you can use a cooking stove to whip up the frothy beverage. The other two ingredients you’ll need are Sugarcane and Vanilla.

    You can buy Sugarcane directly from Goofy’s stall in the Dazzle Beach biome, or grow your own using Sugarcane seeds. If you’ve unlocked WALL-E’s garden, you may be able to harvest some Sugarcane from there for free.

    Vanilla is a fairly easy ingredient to source, as it can be harvested from the Sunlit Plateau. You’ll see vanilla plants popping up all over the biome. They’re fairly easy to spot as their darker green stalks stand out against the reddish-orange tones of the grasslands.

    Once you have all your ingredients, head to a cooking stove. If you already learned the recipe, you can select it from the Recipes panel if you want to.

    The cooking screen in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    However, don’t use the autofill feature when making this particular recipe. If you do, you’ll more than likely end up with an ordinary Root Beer, which is no good for completing the quest. Instead, find and add each of the ingredients to the cooking panel manually. Select Start Cooking to create the drink.

    Once you’ve made the Extra Fizzy Root Beer, you’ll be able to use it alongside the Crackling Candies to create a controlled explosion within the Vitalys Mines. After that, the river should flow freely through the Sunlit Plateau once more, and your friendship quest with Scar will progress to the next stage.