A completed Lobster Roll in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Make Lobster Roll

When Disney villains demand food, it's best to oblige. Make a Lobster Roll for Mother Gothel and she'll help you stay in Ursula's good books.

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Key Takeaway

You’ll need Wheat, Lobster, Lemon, Garlic, and Butter to cook up a Lobster Roll successfully. You can find these ingredients around the Valley’s biomes and in Remy’s restaurant kitchen.

Lobster Roll is a five-star meal in Disney Dreamlight Valley. It’s also an important recipe to learn as part of Ursula’s friendship questline. You’ll need five specific ingredients to rustle up this tasty treat.

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    Unlocking the Lobster Roll Recipe

    If you haven’t already unlocked the recipe for Lobster Roll, you’ll be introduced to it by Mother Gothel. This happens as part of the Magic Moments friendship quest given to you by Ursula. As the second of Ursula’s main friendship quests, you’ll want to complete this to progress the main story further.

    To kick this quest off, you’ll first need to have raised your friendship level with Ursula to level four.

    A character talking to Ursula in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    On top of this, you’ll need to have unlocked both the Glade of Trust biome and Mother Gothel herself.

    In addition, you should make sure you’ve unlocked Remy the rat prior to starting this quest. You’ll also need to have completed his friendship questline to the point that his Chez Remy restaurant is up and running in your Valley. Finally, you’ll also want to have unlocked the Forest of Valor, as this will help you with finding the right ingredients.

    Ursula’s Friendship Quest

    Magic Moments focuses on both Ursula and Mother Gothel. Ursula can sense all of the power that Dreamlight Valley is hiding, and wants to get her tentacles on it. While this seems like a dangerous game, you’ll need to go along with it to progress your friendship and learn the recipe for Lobster Roll.

    It turns out that the crafty sea witch needs some information from Mother Gothel to further her plans. However, the Tangled villain explains that she wants something from you in return.

    In exchange for telling you some dark secrets about the Valley’s source of power, Mother Gothel wants you to cook her up some meals. She’s clearly hungry, as, alongside two portions of Sushi, she also wants you to make her a Lobster Roll.

    Getting the Ingredients for Lobster Roll

    To whip up a Lobster Roll, you’ll need to source five specific ingredients. These need to be exact, as any substitutions will cause you to make another dish entirely. The five ingredients required are Wheat, Lobster, Lemon, Garlic, and Butter.

    Wheat is fairly straightforward to get hold of. You can simply buy it directly from Goofy’s stall in the Peaceful Meadow biome.

    A character buying wheat at Goofy's stall in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    Alternatively, you can save a few Star Coins by growing your own, using Wheat Seeds, which can also be bought from the same stall. The wheat will grow in roughly one minute, meaning it’s a pretty fast foodstuff to stock up on.

    Lobster is a rare seafood in Disney Dreamlight Valley that you’ll need to fish for. If you’ve already unlocked the Glade of Trust biome, it’ll be much easier to catch them. You’ll need to keep an eye on the rippling fishing spots that appear on the surface of the water. They’re often bubbling away, which makes them easier to spot.

    A character fishing at an orange-ringed fishing spot in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    If you look closely, you’ll see the rings of these ripples have different colors. Lobsters can be caught from the golden orange-colored fishing spots.

    Lemon is another fairly easy ingredient to get hold of. You can forage them from the lemon trees in two different biomes. Head to either the Glade of Trust or the Forest of Valor and you’ll see plenty of lemon trees scattered around.

    Likewise, Garlic can also be harvested while you’re out and about in the Forest of Valor. You’ll need to look for the tall spikes of darker-green grass that sprout up from herb spots on the ground. Pick yourself a few of these and you’ll see some garlic bulbs in your inventory.

    Butter is a special ingredient that can only be obtained from Remy’s restaurant.

    A character buying butter from Remy's restaurant in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    This means that if you haven’t unlocked Remy and progressed his questline to the point of his restaurant being up and running, you’ll need to do that first. Then, you’ll be able to buy butter from the restaurant kitchen for 190 Star Coins.

    How to Make Lobster Roll

    Once you’ve acquired all of the necessary ingredients, you’ll need to create the Lobster Roll. You’ll be able to do this at any cooking stove across the Valley. With the cooking interface on the screen, add the five ingredients to the cooking panel. Select Start Cooking to create the dish. Your Lobster Roll will then be added to your inventory when cooked to completion.

    A character cooking Lobster Roll in Disney Dreamlight Valley

    You’ll now be able to give the Lobster Roll to Mother Gothel to help progress the Magic Moments quest for Ursula. In addition, the recipe will now be permanently unlocked for future use. This will come in handy, given that Lobster Roll is a five-star dish that awards 4,928 points of Energy. It can also be sold for a tidy 1,975 Star Coins, making it quite a profitable recipe to know.

    Lobster Roll Ingredient Tips

    If you’ve already unlocked WALL-E’s garden, you may be able to harvest some wheat for your recipe here for free.

    Bring along a companion with the Fishing hangout skill to increase your catch of lobster.

    If you haven’t managed to access the upper part of the Forest of Valor yet, which is where the lemon trees are located, head to the Glade of Trust first. You’ll be able to find lemons on the trees in the first accessible part of the glade.