The player getting the Sinew Spindle from the rock altar on the north side of Greater Marrow in DREDGE.

DREDGE: How to Get the Sinew Spindle

It's gross but great for fishing!

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Key Takeaway

Head to coordinates 9J on the map to find an altar. You need to give it five Cod. Once you do, you’ll get the Sinew Spindle.

If you want the best fishing rod for coastal and shallow waters in DREDGE, you need to get the Sinew Spindle. It’s easy to obtain, only takes up a few equipment slots, and is far cheaper than the alternative coastal and shallow fishing rod.

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    DREDGE: How to Get the Sinew Spindle Video Guide

    What Is the Sinew Spindle?

    The Sinew Spindle is a fishing rod made from flesh and bone. However, its disgusting composition is the worst thing (or the best thing, depending on your perspective) about it. To show you why this fishing rod is better than the alternative (the Flexible Fishing Pole that can be bought from a merchant), check out how they stack up to each other.

    StatsSinew SpindleFlexible Fishing Rod
    Equipment Slots Used23
    Cost5 Cod$400 to $460 (depending on the books you've read)
    Fishing Speed Increase+6%+56%

    In the end, the Sinew Spindle is easier to get and takes up less space. Sure, the fishing speed increase isn’t as high as that of the Flexible Fishing Rod. However, this is arguably the most negligible stat in the game. On top of that, there’s other equipment, such as the Encrusted Talisman, that vastly increases your fishing speed if you really need to reel in your catches faster.

    What You Need to Do to Get the Sinew Spindle

    The player looking at the altar that eventually gives them the Sinew Spindle.

    You can only get the Sinew Spindle from a rock altar on the north side of Greater Marrow. The location of this altar is at coordinates 9J. After you find the altar, you must give it five Cod. There’s a spot a bit east of this altar where you can find the location of some of these fish.

    Following some fishing, bring the five Cod that you caught back to the altar. Place them on the altar slots so that all five fish fit. This can be trickier than it seems, so take a look at how we did it below if you’re stuck.

    The player placing five Cod on an altar to get the Sinew Spindle.

    Once you place the fifth fish, the altar gives you the Sinew Spindle. Bask in its gory glory!

    You can make the most out of this fishing rod by getting it early in your DREDGE playthrough. By doing so, you’ll save yourself a lot of money that you can put towards other equipment—like a better engine. Also, with the extra space, you can store more fish for bigger hauls. Now, take to the seas with your new and nifty tool! Let no coastal or shallow prey escape your sinister hook.