Godwyn the Golden and Deathroot in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: All Deathroot Locations

Collect every Deathroot for a solid beast build.

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A Deathroot is an essential item for those looking to become a Bestial Elden Lord. You can trade it in for Beast Incantations, which is perfect for high Strength and low Faith builds. Here’s where you can find them all.

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    What Is a Deathroot?

    Deathroot in Elden Ring.

    Deathroots are a Key Item that the Beast Clergyman Gurranq seeks and devours. Having taken the Rune of Death into his own body, he developed an insatiable hunger for it. When the Rune of Death was stolen, it gave rise to the undead in the Lands Between, namely: Skeletal Militiamen, Tibia Mariner, and more.

    How to Use Deathroots

    There are only nine Deathroots to find in Elden Ring. If you’re wanting to have a high Strength and low Faith build, then Beast Incantations and weapons are great to have. You will only get them as rewards every time you give a Deathroot to the Beast Clergyman Gurranq.

    Upon obtaining your first of the nine Deathroots, go to the Roundtable Hold and talk to D, Hunter of the Dead. He will put a red mark on your map, which is a Waygate that’ll teleport you to the Bestial Sanctum in North Caelid.

    The following are the rewards you can get from the Bestial Clergyman Gurranq, in order:

    FirstClawmark SealA Sacred Seal used to cast Beast Incantations, and boost it by 10% without having high Faith.
    Beast EyeA Key Item that gives you a signal if there's a Deathroot is nearby.
    SecondBestial SlingAn Incantation that flings several sharp rock shards forwards. Best to use with the Blue Dancer Charm and Arrow's Reach Talisman for greater effect.
    ThirdBestial VitalityAn Incantation that regenerates a total of 600 HP in two minutes. Best to use it with Old Lord's Talisman and Blessed Dew Talisman for more HP regeneration.
    Fourth*Ash of War: Beast's RoarAn Ash of War that grants Beast's Roar weapon skill, which consumes 10 FP per cast. Best to use with the Roar Medallion and Shard of Alexander for greater effect.
    FifthBeast ClawAn Incantation that conjures five traveling vertical shockwaves in a wide cone area. Charging the spell increases its damage.
    SixthStone of GurranqAn Incantation that conjures a boulder that's thrown towards an enemy. It consumes 37 Stamina and can be chain-casted. Best to use as a mid-ranged attack.
    SeventhBeastclaw GreathammerA Great Hammer type of Weapon that primarily scales with Strength and Dexterity. It has the Regal Beastclaw weapon skill that's similar to the Beast Claw.
    EighthGurranq's Beast ClawAn Incantation that conjures traveling vertical shockwaves around you. It consumes 42 Stamina, and is best to use as an emergency spell when surrounded by enemies.
    NinthAncient Dragon Smithing StoneAn Upgrade Material that upgrades a Standard Weapon to +25.

    *After giving the fourth one, Beast Clergyman Gurranq will attack you. You need to bring his HP down to 50% so he will come back to his senses. He has around 10,500 HP, so you’ll need to deal 5,250 damage. 

    All Deathroot Locations in Elden Ring

    Tarnished fighting Tibia Mariner.

    You can get up to four Deathroots in the surface regions of the Lands Between. The following are the locations of all Deathroots by order:

    LocationHow to get Deathroot
    Summonwater Village, North LimgraveDefeat Tibia Mariner to get one Deathroot. Beware of the Skeletal Militiamen defending her. Once they fall to the ground, hit their body again for them to die.
    Deathtouched Catacombs, North LimgraveUnlock the Black Knife Assassin boss chamber, there's a chest behind her containing one Deathroot.
    In a small forest south of the Artist's Shack, East Liurnia of the LakesDefeat Tibia Mariner to get one Deathroot. Beware of the Giant Crab and Skeletal Militiamen. Tibia can also teleport to a spot outside the waters of the forest.
    Black Knife Catacombs, Northeast Liurnia of the LakesUnlock the Cemetery Shade boss chamber, there's a chest behind it containing one Deathroot.
    Wyndham Ruins, East Altus PlateauDefeat Tibia Mariner to get one Deathroot. Beware of the Giant Skeleton, Skeletal Militiamen and Mage summons. Tibia can also teleport at the upper area of the ruins.
    Giant's Mountaintop Catacombs, West Mountaintops of the GiantsUnlock the Ulcerated Tree Spirit boss room, defeat it for the chest containing one Deathroot to appear within the room.
    Gelmir Hero's GraveUnlock the Red Wolf of the Champion boss chamber, there's a chest behind it containing one Deathroot.
    On a ledge northwest of the Snow Valley Ruins Outlook Grace, West Mountaintops of the Giants.Defeat Tibia Mariner to get one Deathroot. Be careful not to fall off the ledge for the Deathrite Bird is nearby. When attacking Tibia, always be within close range to avoid getting attacked by the Giant Skeletons.
    Secret Catacombs, Hidden Path to the HaligtreeUnlock the Stray Mimic Tear boss room, defeat it for the chest containing one Deathroot to appear within the room.