The Tarnished in Carian Study Hall in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Carian Study Hall Guide

Explore the Carian Study Hall and uncover its secret to get to the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

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There is a place in Elden Ring found in the Liurnia region called the Carian Study Hall. This area contains a few useful items you can loot. However, it’s mostly important because it leads to the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

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    How to Get to the Carian Study Hall

    The location of the Carian Study Hall shown on the map.

    The Carian Study Hall is on Liurnia’s eastern landmass. You can get here by starting at the Eastern Liurnia Lake Shore Site of Grace, easily accessed by going northeast from Academy Gate Town.

    From the eastern lake shore, take the road east and follow its southern path. This will directly lead you to the entrance of the Carian Study Hall.

    The Carian Study Hall has two forms: its regular layout and its inverted one. There are items you’ll only be able to pick up when the area is in its regular form and some that are only accessible when the hall is inverted.

    Uninverted Carian Study Hall Guide

    If you’re already carrying the Carian Inverted Statue with you, which is obtained by following Ranni’s quest, do not interact with the altar across the Site of Grace yet.

    For now, head to either side of the altar and ascend the flight of stairs. Continue onwards to find a lift. Ride it to head up.

    Once the lift stops at the top, move onwards and head left. Head up the flight of stairs and an NPC enemy will appear.

    The Tarnished facing Preceptor Miriam in Elden Ring.

    Preceptor Miriam is a sorcerer who’ll consistently cast Loretta’s Greatbow at you. She’ll also occasionally cast Magic Downpour when you get close to her.

    Alongside Miriam, several noble summons will also appear in the area.

    Miriam will constantly teleport away from you when you chip away at her health enough, going further up the study hall. She’ll stop teleporting once you reach the hall’s highest floor. There are ceiling rafters that are situated even higher which you can access via a ladder, but Miriam won’t teleport here.

    Fighting Miriam on the top floor of the Carian Study Hall.

    You can deal with Miriam normally by attacking her whenever she spawns and continuing to do so until she’s on the highest floor and finally defeating her there. You can climb the upper rafters and make your way to Miriam’s position from there. For some reason, Miriam won’t acknowledge you when you’re up there. When you’re positioned above Miriam, you can then jump down and land a strong jumping attack on her.

    You can also run past her where she first appears so you can deal with the other summons first. This will allow you to keep your focus on Miriam solely later on.

    Whichever strategy you employ is up to you. The second one can be more time-consuming, but it’ll make dealing with Miriam much easier.

    Once defeated, Miriam will drop the Magic Downpour sorcery.

    After climbing the second flight of stairs, you can pick up an item from an altar. This item is the Carian Glintstone Staff.

    The Tarnished picking up the Carian Glintstone Staff.

    Enter the corridor left of the altar to find another lift. This will take you to the top floor of the study hall. On the eastern corner of this floor, you can pick up a Golden Rune [4] from the ground.

    Use the ladder on this floor to make your way to the rafters above. Be wary of the rats here as they can definitely send you to your doom below. Head to the other ladder in the middle to get to the higher rafters. Here, you’ll find the Cerulean Seed Talisman guarded by a few rats.

    The Tarnished picking up the Cerulean Seed Talisman in Elden Ring.

    Inverted Carian Study Hall Guide

    Place the Inverted Carian Statue on the altar to “flip” the study hall. Once done, proceed to where the lift is supposed to be to find a different layout. Jump down to the platform below, but be sure to land on the ledges to the side to avoid falling into the lift shaft in the middle.

    The Tarnished standing before the elevator shaft in inverted Carian Study Hall.

    Enter the inverted arc ahead, but be ready to deal with three little Spider Hands as soon as you do.

    Continue onward and drop to the lower platform. Ahead of you, you’ll see an inverted arc and Preceptor Miriam will spawn there once more. Take note that she’ll still spawn there even though you’ve already defeated her previously.

    The Tarnished facing Preceptor Miriam in Elden Ring.

    If your character is a mage or ranged build, firing at Miriam from here is a great way to deal with her, as the ledge you’re on can act as a shield from her attacks and your higher position will allow your spells to easily track her.

    Proceed to the left while avoiding Miriam’s spells. Upon reaching the furthest corner to the left, carefully drop down to the ledge below. After landing, turn around to find a corpse slumped over an archway with an item you can loot. Do so to obtain the Mask of Confidence headpiece.

    The Tarnished facing the body that contains the Mask of Confidence.

    Head to where Miriam is and chip away as much of her health as you can. You can pick up the Lucidity sorcery in the middle of this platform. There are also Spider Hands and a spectral Carian Knight here. Deal with them first before casting your sights at Miriam.

    Once you’ve eliminated about 50% of Miriam’s health, she’ll teleport away to the lower ledge across where you are to the south. Once again, attack her from here if you’re using a mage or ranged build character.

    Otherwise, get to Miriam’s location by traversing the ledges to the side to finally defeat her.

    From Miriam’s final location, face the center of the study hall and look down. You’ll find chandeliers you can drop down to. Use them as platforms to get to the rafters below.

    The Tarnished standing above the chandeliers in Carian Study Hall.

    There are bodies here that hold Glintstone Fireflies and Holyproof Dried Livers. Loot them before making your way to the central platform, which is an elevator. Activate it to get to the bottom of the study hall.

    Once at the bottom, head forward to the gate ahead. Interact with it to finally exit the Carian Study Hall. You can now make your way to the Divine Tower of Liurnia from here.

    There’s a lone Godskin Noble guarding the tower and you’ll need to defeat him before you can access the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

    What’s in the Divine Tower of Liurnia?

    The Tarnished picking up the Cursemark of Death.

    In Elden Ring, you can restore the powers of the Great Runes you receive from fallen demigods by heading to divine towers. However, the Great Rune dropped Rennala is an exception since it is already activated when you receive it.

    You can’t actually restore any Great Rune at this tower. When you reach its top, you’ll instead find a burned body of a tall woman, presumed to be Ranni’s real body. On it, you can pick up a Cursemark of Death.