Elden Ring: How to Reach Lake of Rot.

Elden Ring: How to Reach Lake of Rot

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Key Takeaway

You can reach the Lake of Rot region by progressing through Nokstella, Eternal City located in the upper section of the Ainsel River region.

Lake of Rot is a secret underground region within the upper section of Ainsel River. It features rot-inflicting scarlet waters, forsaken agile creatures holding on to their faith, and a path for you to become Ranni the Witch’s consort.

Table Of Contents

    Reaching Ainsel River Main

    Elden Ring: Map of Ainsel River. From Ainsel River Main to Lake of Rot.

    Ainsel River Main is located in the upper section of the Ainsel River Region. Unfortunately, the lower section of Ainsel River doesn’t give a path for you to access the upper section.

    To explore the lower section, you have the Ainsel River Well in Liurnia of the Lakes to get there. However, you’ll need to choose between one of two paths to explore the upper section.

    Through a Waygate in Renna’s Rise

    Elden Ring: Waygate or Portal in Renna's Rise to Ainsel River Main.

    Renna’s Rise is located in the Three Sisters subregion of Liurnia of the Lakes, specifically west of Caria Manor. To gain access to the subregion, you’ll have to defeat Royal Knight Loretta’s spectre.

    The entrance to Renna’s Rise is blocked by a magical barrier. You can only unlock it by obtaining the Cursemark of Death, which is located at the top of the Divine Tower of Liurnia.

    Once you unlock Renna’s Rise, go to the topmost room and examine the Waygate to reach Ainsel River Main.

    Through a Coffin in Deeproot Depths

    Elden Ring: Coffin in Deeproot Depths to Ainsel River Main.

    Deeproot Depths is a secret underground area in Elden Ring. It can be accessed through a Coffin within Siofra Aqueduct in Nokron, Eternal City, or through an illusory wall located deep below the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds in Leyndell, Royal Capital.

    Go to the Deeproot Depths site of grace, specifically the one near a Finger Reader Crone. Notice the wide waterfall in front of the Finger Reader Crone? The Coffin is located by the edge of the waterfall, near a wrecked graveyard.

    Travel near the edge of the waterfall towards the other side to spot the Coffin right away. Be careful of the Mounted Mausoleum Knight patrolling the area. Examine the Coffin to reach Ainsel River Main.

    Reaching Lake of Rot within Nokstella, Eternal City

    Elden Ring: Ainsel River Main, Cave behind Uhl Palace Ruins, Nokstella, Eternal City.

    Nokstella, Eternal City is a secret area within the upper part of the Ainsel River region. It’s where you can find the only path towards Lake of Rot. From the Ainsel River Main site of grace, go into a cave behind the Uhl Palace Ruins. By the end of it, you can find the entrance towards Nokstella, Eternal City.

    Elden Ring: Nokstella, Eternal City, River to Lift down to Nsoktella Waterfall Basin.

    From the Nokstella, Eternal City site of grace, follow the river until you spot Electric Silver Tears gathering. Continue straight ahead. On the left, there’s a stone structure with Ghostflame Torches. There’s a lift inside to take you down to the Nokstella Waterfall Basin.

    Elden Ring: Nokstella Waterfall Basin, Lake of Rot.

    Go into the cave right across the Nokstella Waterfall Basin site of grace. Be careful of the Basilisks lurking inside. When you’re out of the cave, notice the stone structure on the rightmost side of the area. Take the lift inside to reach Lake of Rot.