Elden Ring: How to Reach Volcano Manor.

Elden Ring: How to Reach Volcano Manor

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Key Takeaway

You can reach the Volcano Manor by helping Rya, getting teleported by an Abductor Virgin, or taking the traditional route to Mt. Gelmir.

The Volcano Manor is home to Tarnished hunters and warriors rebelling against the Golden Order. It’s where deformed Albinaurics, Serpent servants, and dreadful secrets dwell. See it for yourself before answering a sobering question: Will you join the family?

Table Of Contents

    Rya, Volcano Manor Scout (Quick Route)

    Elden Ring: Location of Rya's Necklace and Boilprawn Shack in Liurnia of the Lakes

    Rya is looking for her stolen necklace. You can find her in a gazebo located east of a telescope stand in Liurnia of the Lakes. She mentions a thug to be resting somewhere nearby. Go northwest from the gazebo. Find a shack with a blackguard boiling prawns. There will be streaks of golden rays that’ll attract you to the right shack. There you can activate the Boilprawn Shack site of grace.

    Elden Ring: Rya's Necklace and Boiled Prawn to be purchased from the Blackguard in Boiledprawn Shack.

    If you talk to the blackguard without talking to Rya, he will not entertain you. So do make sure that you seek Rya first. You must have 1000 runes to get the necklace from him. Soon after, you can also buy an unlimited amount of Boiled Prawn. It can temporarily boost your physical damage negation.

    Elden Ring: Rya's giving the Tarnished an invitation letter to the Volcano Manor at Liurnia of the Lakes.

    Give to Rya her necklace back. She’ll be thankful enough to inform you a little about herself and that she’s also looking to find brave Tarnished warrior to join her family. You’ll receive a Volcano Manor Invitation soon after.

    Elden Ring: Map Location of Ruin-Strewn Precipice and the Grand Lift of Dectus in Liurnia of the Lakes.

    She’ll tell you to reach the Altus Plateau region beyond the Grand Lift of Dectus. Since she has observed that the grand lift hasn’t been functioning for a long time, she tells you of an alternative path: Ruin-Strewn Precipice. You can reach it by progressing through the Ravine-Veiled Village.

    Elden Ring: Rya teleporting the Tarnished to the Volcano Manor at the Grand Lift of Dectus.

    But if you found two pieces of the Dectus Medallion, you can activate the Grand Lift of Dectus. Either way, you’ll have to meet with Rya at the Grand Lift of Dectus to join her in the Volcano Manor.

    An Abductor Virgin in Raya Lucaria Academy (Secret Route)

    Raya Lucaria Academy is blocked by a magical barrier. For you to pass through, you must get the Academy Glintstone Key at the said meeting place on a corpse. Examine the magical seal and ride the lift to reach Church of the Cuckoo. Or if you have already activated Schoolhouse Classroom site of grace, fast travel there. You’re much closer to the grand waterwheel lift.

    From the Church of the Cuckoo Site of Grace

    Elden Ring: Church of Cuckoo location, Graveyard Bridge, and the Great Waterwheel Lift in Raya Lucaria Academy.

    Go straight into the hall and turn left into the graveyard. Beware of the Putrid Corpses while making your way towards the wooden bridge. After crossing the bridge, make your way into another hallway where you can see the grand waterwheel lift. Defeat the Rotten Strays or quickly jump on an ascending platform.

    Elden Ring: Jump off the water wheel to activate the Schoolhouse Classroom site of grace. Or run towards the descending platform.

    When you’re on the grand waterwheel lift, there’s an option for you to jump off if you want to activate the Schoolhouse Classroom site of grace inside a building. If you have it activated already, run towards the descending platform. Don’t wait to fall down. It takes around 35 seconds to get to the deepest part of Raya Lucaria Academy.

    From the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace

    Elden Ring: Map location of Schoolhouse Classroom and Grand Waterwheel Lift in Raya Lucaria Academy.

    Instead of going into the hallways, make an exit to the backyard. Heads towards the giant waterwheel lift. Turn left and defeat the Common Noble holding a torch before jumping on a descending platform. Or you can jump on the ascending platform and make your way to the other side.

    Don’t wait for the wheel to force you down. You may not survive the fall and you may end up losing your runes. Wait around 35 seconds to reach the deepest part of Raya Lucaria Academy.

    Getting Teleported to Volcano Manor

    Elden Ring: A lone Abductor Virgin below Raya Lucaria Academy teleports Tarnished to the Volcano Manor.

    Below the giant waterwheel is the only Abductor Virgin who can teleport you to the Volcano Manor. You have to be grabbed by the Abductor Virgin and you have to die while inside of it. Only then will you be teleported to the Volcano Manor.

    Defeating the Godskin Noble

    Elden Ring: Tarnished jumping off the cliff at Volcano Manor and riding on a Hanging Cage Lift.

    Upon arriving at the Volcano Manor, head across to the other side. Find the spot on the cliff where you’re closer to the hanging cages. Jump down. Go to the dry lava where the Burning Slugs are, stick to the left as you explore. Go up the stairs towards the hanging cage lift. Beware of the Man-Serpent guarding the area.

    Elden Ring: Tarnished going into Temple of Eiglay and defeating Godskin Noble to activate grace and pillar lift.

    When you get off the hanging cage lift, turn left towards the Temple of Eiglay. Beware of the Blackflame Monk guarding it. You must defeat Godskin Noble in the temple to activate a lift disguised as a pillar.

    Elden Ring: Tarnished jumping off the balcony and meeting Burning Slugs along the way.

    Ride the lift and head towards the balcony. Notice the Burning Slug at the bottom. Jump down. Cross the bridge blocked by the Burning Slugs. Seek a bridge at the bottom left. Jump down and make your way up.

    Elden Ring: Tarnished jumping into a window guarded by an Abductor Virgin and progressing towards a hallway guarded by Men-Serpent in Volcano Manor

    Head towards the building. Jump inside an open window the Abductor Virgin is guarding. Get out of the door and make your way to the stairs. Go straight down the hallway. Beware of the patrolling Men-Serpent.

    Elden RIng: Tarnished exploring the hallways in Volcano Manor to find the secret route to the Main Entrance.

    Go into the entrance. Seek a doorway to your right. Climb up to the stairs on the left and into yet another doorway. You will need two Stonesword Keys to unlock the shortcut.

    Elden Ring: Tarnished going on a secret route by jumping off the Hanging Cages in Volcano Manor.

    Notice the hanging cages in the room. Carefully make your way down. Look out for a Man-Serpent Sorcerer lurking in the dark. Upon reaching the last hanging cage, jump down. Make your way into the room with a fireplace. Turn right towards a narrow hallway.

    Elden Ring: Tarnished, doing the secret route, opening a door in the entrance hallway to activate the Volcano Manor site of grace.

    Open the door. You’ve arrived at the Main Entrance of the Volcano Manor. All that’s left to do is to turn right towards a doorway. Behind the dining table is the Volcano Manor site of grace.

    Through Mt. Gelmir (Traditional Route)

    The traditional route to Volcano Manor is one lengthy and confusing adventure. Mt. Gelmir is located west of Altus Plateau. There are two ways to get there:

    • Defeating Magma Wyrm of Ruin-Strewn Precipice in Liurnia of the Lakes
    • Finding the two pieces of the Dectus Medallion to activate the Grand Lift of Dectus
    Elden Ring: Altus Plateau Highway Junction Map Location and tarnished going to a waygate at the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge.

    Go to the Altus Highway Junction site of grace. Make your way towards the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge, where you can find a Finger Reader Crone. Examine the waygate to get teleported to the other side of the broken bridge.

    Elden Ring: Tarnished teleported to the other side of the Forest-Spanning Greatbridge, going to the Road of Iniquity side path to find a caravan.

    Head to the east of the broken bridge until you spot an unknown village. Get down the cliff and turn right towards the bridge pillars. The Road of Iniquity Side Path site of grace is located under the bridge to your right. You know you’re on the right path when you spot a wooden caravan led by two Stonedigger Trolls.

    Elden Ring: Tarnished crossing the bridge towards Mt. Gelmir and finding a rope ladder guarded by Abductor Virgins.

    Follow the path until you spot an abandoned wooden caravan. Behind it is the bridge towards Mt. Gelmir. Activate the Bridge of Iniquity, then turn right. Keep your eyes to the mountain. Beyond the first Abductor Virgin fighting Leyndell Soldiers, there’s a camp guarded by three more Abductor Virgins. Seek a rope ladder with flame torches behind a wooden fence on the left.

    Elden Ring: Tarnished reaching the Firsr Mt. Gelmir Campsite. to cross a road path guarded by a Mad Pumpkin Head.

    Climb up the ladder towards the First Mt. Gelmir Campsite. Notice the tall wooden building. On the right, there’s a rock path guarded by a Mad Pumpkin Head. Make your way to the other side. You can spot the rope ladder right away. But watch out for the Revenant!

    Elden RIng: Tarnished finding a Nomadic Merchant, Frenzied Leyndell Soldiers, and another bridge in Mt. Gelmir.

    When you get to the top, turn left. Climb the longer rope ladder. You know you’re on the right path when you spot a Nomadic Merchant and a rope ladder on the left. Keep climbing. When you’re at the top end, call on Torrent and go past the frenzied Leyndell Soldiers. Jump down and cross the bridge.

    Elden Ring: Tarnished at the Ninth Mt. Gelmir campsite skipping Full-Grown Starbeast to go to Volcano Manor.

    Activate Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite site of grace. Head towards the Spirit Spring with Torrent. You can skip the Full-grown Falling Starbeast dwelling above by crossing a rock path on the right side. Jump down. Beware of the Marionette Soldiers patrolling the area.

    Elden Ring: Tarnished taking the traditional route to reach Volcano Manor in Mt. Gelmir.

    Go down a little bit and turn left. Notice the bonfires lighting up in the area. Beware of a clothed Stonedigger Troll blocking your way to the Volcano Manor. Go towards the doorway and into the hall. Open the doors, then light up the Volcano Manor site of grace.