The Blessing of Despair ending from Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: How to Get the Blessing of Despair Ending

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The Blessing of Despair ending in Elden Ring is one that’s centered around the loathsome Dung Eater, an enigmatic figure a character that wishes to bring about despair into the world. You, as the Tarnished, can help him out with that.

The Dung Eater will appear in the Roundtable Hold, in the room past the Twin Maiden Husks, after you reach Altus Plateau. No matter how often you speak to him here, his questline will not progress until you obtain a Seedbed Curse.

The Dung Eater at the Roundtable Hold.

You’ll only need to have one Seedbed Curse in your inventory to progress the questline. However, you’ll need a total of five to complete the entire thing.

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    Where to Find Every Seedbed Curse in Elden Ring

    There are six Seedbed Curses in the game. Five of them can be simply picked up, but the sixth one is completely missable. Thankfully, as mentioned, you’ll only need five of them.

    Here are the locations for all six Seedbed Curses in Elden Ring.

    Two Seedbed Curses at the Royal Capital

    There are two Seedbed Curses in Leyndell. You will find the first one near the East Capital Rampart Site of Grace.

    The location of a Seedbed Curse near East Capital Rampart.

    From the Site of Grace, head to the west exit and continue along the bridge. Continue until you arrive at the room behind where the severed statue is. From here, head down and take the elevator to descend further.

    Continue onwards. In the next building, take the ladder up. You’ll find a Seedbed Curse on a body in the room above you.

    The second Seedbed Curse is near the West Capital Rampart.

    The location of a Seedbed Curse near West Capital Rampart.

    From the Site of Grace, head outside and look over to the south from the balcony. Jump to the area below and proceed walking forward. Next to where a massive tree branch sprouts from the ground, you’ll find sunken buildings.

    Jump onto the roof of one of the buildings and find the broken section of the ledge. There’s an opening here that leads inside the castle. Once entered, you’ll find a replica of the Roundtable Hold.

    Go to the library section of this area. It’s the room where Dung Eater is supposed to be located in the other Roundtable Hold.

    The Volcano Manor Seedbed Curse

    There’s one Seedbed Curse in the tall chamber that’s locked by a Stonesword Key. You can find the entrance to this chamber in the hall before the balcony where you find the waygate to Rykard’s boss room.

    When you enter this dark chamber, descend to the very bottom floor by using the hanging cells as landing platforms. At the very bottom, face west and walk forward. You’ll find the Seedbed Curse on a sitting, lifeless body at the end of the room.

    The location of a Seedbed Curse in Volcano Manor.

    Two Seedbed Curses at Miquella’s Haligtree

    The two Seedbed Curses in Miquella’s Haligtree are close to the Prayer Room Site of Grace. Fast travel there to begin.

    For the first Seedbed Curse, proceed to the northeast and get to the other end of the walkway. Beyond the ledge, there’s a beam you can jump onto. Jump there, and then jump to the balcony with a gazebo to your left.

    Keep moving forward and jump onto the next beam. Ascend from here and walk to the right. The Seedbed Curse is on a corpse sitting on a chair at the end of the path.

    The location of a Seedbed Curse in Miquella's Haligtree.

    For the second Seedbed Curse, return to the Prayer Room Site of Grace. Cross the same walkway you did before. Instead of taking the beam on the right at the end of the path, make a hard right and use the staircase to descend.

    Follow the path of the staircases until you reach the bottom. This will lead you to a small room with two Cleanrot Knights. Instead of entering the room, jump over the ledge to the right and you’ll land on a platform.

    There’s an opening to a dark room here. Enter the room and you’ll find another lifeless body sitting on a chair. This body holds the second Seedbed Curse.

    The entrance to a dark place that contains a Seedbed Curse in Miquella's Haligtree.

    One Seedbed Curse by Completing Blackguard Big Boggart’s Questline

    You receive one Seedbed Curse by completing Boggart’s questline. Do note that this is the sixth Seedbed Curse in the game, so you don’t have to get out of your way to obtain this one.

    If you really want to get the Seedbed Curse from Blackguard Big Boggart, along with his mask and weapon, here are the things you’ll need to do:

    • Speak to Rya at Liurnia of the Lakes. She’s located north of Laskyar Ruins, east of the Birdseye Telescope. You’ll need to speak to her first here before going to Volcano Manor. Otherwise, Boggart’s questline will fail.
    • Rya will ask you to retrieve her neckless for her, which has been stolen.
    • The thief you’re looking for is Boggart. You can find him in Boilprawn Shack, southwest of the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace. He’ll only give the necklace to you if you purchase it or if you kill him. Purchase it for 1,000 Runes to progress his questline.
    • After doing this, purchase prawns from him to earn his trust. Exhaust his dialogue here.
    • You’ll then find him next in the moat north of Leyndell. He’ll start talking about the Dung Eater here. Exhaust his questline.
    • Progress the Dung Eater’s questline until he’ll tell you to meet him in the outer moat. You’ll know how to progress his questline later on.
    • Eventually, you’ll find him in this spot wounded. After talking to him one last time, he’ll perish and leave behind one Seedbed Curse, his mask, and his weapon. The Dung Eater will then invade you shortly after.

    The Dung Eater’s Questline

    Once you have at least one Seedbed Curse, talk to the Dung Eater at the Roundtable Hold. He’ll tell you to free his corporeal form, which is located underneath the Royal Capital. He’ll then give you the Sewer-Gaol Key.

    What you’ll need to do next is to head to the Subterranean Shunning-Grounds. Start from the Avenue Balcony Site of Grace in Leyndell. Head to the walkway to the northwest and stick close to the ledge on your left. You’ll eventually spot a well in the area below.

    Enter the well and keep pressing forward. You will eventually reach the Underground Roadside Site of Grace.

    Finding the Dung Eater

    Leave the Site of Grace room and head left. Keep walking until you spot an open grate on the ground. Drop down and keep going along the path. At the end of this area, past the rats and the giant poison plants, there’s a ladder you can climb.

    Climb the ladder. The Dung Eater’s Gaol is at the end of this room. Be careful of the spider hands that are lurking about.

    The Dung Eater in the Sewer Gaol.

    Open the gate to his cell and interact with him. Tell him to leave his gaol. Once done, return to the Roundtable Hold and go to where the Dung Eater is. You’ll find that he’s disappeared, but he’ll leave a message saying to meet you in the outer moat.

    This is the same moat Boggart stays. Head there and approach the center of the moat. The Dung Eater will invade you shortly after. Or, if you’re doing Boggart’s questline, he’ll arrive after Boggart dies. Defeat the Dung Eater here.

    Receiving the Mending Rune of the Fell Curse

    After the Dung Eater has been defeated, speak with him once more at the Roundtable Hold. He’ll now tell you to “defile” his flesh with Seedbed Curse.

    With that, you must make your way back to the sewer gaol and give his corporeal flesh five Seedbed Curses. After doing so, you’ll receive the Mending Rune of the Fell Omen.

    The Blessing of Despair Ending

    Now that you’ve acquired the Dung Eater’s Mending Rune, you must simply play the game and defeat the final boss. When restoring Marika’s statue, use the Mending Rune of the Fell Omen. This will trigger this ending and bring about the Blessing of Despair.