The Tarnished at Crumbling Farum Azula.

Elden Ring: How to Get to Crumbling Farum Azula

Crumbling Farum Azula is a mystifying location in Elden Ring you'll get to when you're nearing the game's end.

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Key Takeaway

After defeating the Fire Giant in the Mountaintops of the Giants, head to the Forge of the Giants and set the Erdtree aflame. This will automatically transport you to Crumbling Farum Azula.

Crumbling Farum Azula is one of Elden Ring’s main locations. You don’t need to do anything special to get here since it’s part of the main progression. You do need to defeat a powerful boss first to do so, though.

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    Reach the Forge of the Giants

    Forge of the Giants shown on the map.

    As you follow through the game’s main questline, you’ll be asked by Melina to make your way to the Mountaintops of the Giants. Here, you’ll find the Forge of the Giants. Lighting it will set the Erdtree aflame, using Melina as kindling, or yourself if you’ve become the Lord of Frenzied Flame.

    The main hurdle that gets in between you and the Forge of the Giants is the Fire Giant. This boss is undoubtedly one of the hardest bosses in Elden Ring.

    How to Defeat the Fire Giant

    The Fire Giant from Elden Ring.

    The Fire Giant is massive, hard-hitting, and has a huge pool of health. His entire arsenal of spells deals a massive amount of fire damage. Consider equipping the following talismans and armor sets as they offer resistance to the Fire Giant’s main element.

    • Flamedrake Talisman
    • Pearldrake Talisman
    • Prelate Armor Set

    If you’ve followed through Iron Fist Alexander’s questline up to this point, you can summon him for this fight. It’s highly recommended that you do so since Alexander’s HP and fire resistance are high enough that he can function as a tank for this fight.

    Torrent can also be summoned and ridden for this fight unless you’ve summoned Alexander. Considering this, you essentially need to assess which of the following is more important for you for this fight: the mobility you’ll have while riding Torrent or a tanky NPC that can assist you throughout the entire fight.

    The Fire Giant isn’t immune to bleed, scarlet rot, and poison. Make use of this if your build can permit it.

    The Fire Giant has weaknesses you can focus your attacks on to make the fight shorter. During his first phase, his weakness is his left ankle. Thankfully, this is a spot you can specifically target by locking onto it.

    During the second phase, his weakness is his left forearm. However, hitting this spot is inconvenient and difficult. Unless your character is a ranged or magic build, attack the Fire Giant’s legs and feet until he brings his forearm down.

    The Burning of the Erdtree

    Melina burning the Erdtree in Elden Ring.

    Once the Fire Giant is defeated, you’ll be able to access the Forge of the Giants by using the giant chain as a bridge. Rest on the Site of Grace and talk to Melina. Trigger the burning of the Erdtree by telling her you’re ready to commit the cardinal sin.

    During the cutscene, your character will seemingly faint. After the cutscene, you will wake up in Crumbling Farum Azula.