Elden Ring: How to Reach Night's Sacred Ground

Elden Ring: How to Reach Night’s Sacred Ground

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Key Takeaway

You can reach Night’s Sacred Ground by jumping on a ledge under the cliff of the Ancestral Woods site of grace in Nokstella, Eternal City.

Night’s Sacred Ground is a secret area within the Siofra River region. It’s where you can find a powerful Spirit Ash that can help you become Elden Lord, and a precious item that can please Ranni the Witch.

Table Of Contents

    Reaching Nokron, Eternal City Site of Grace

    Elden Ring: From Fort Haight West to Nokron, Eternal City underneath Mistwood Ruins of East Limgrave.

    Nokron, Eternal City is a secret region that can only be unlocked once you defeat Starscourge Radahn in Caelid. Once the forces of gravity are free from Starscourge Radahn’s magic, a star will crash down at the very heart of a forest in East Limgrave: Mistwood Ruins.

    Elden Ring: Finding the entrance to Nokron, Eternal City from Fort Haight West Site of Grace.

    Find the Fort Haight West site of grace on the map and fast travel there. Turn right and remain close to the edge of the crash site until you spot a downward slope. Seek giant floating rock platforms making a descending path. Make sure you’re riding Torrent before going down, his double jump is useful. Keep on jumping from one rock platform to another until you spot an entrance on the left side.

    Elden Ring: Reaching Nokron, Eternal City site of grace.

    Make your way down to the opening. It’s time to do some more platforming, but be extra careful. Make your way to the Silver Tears on a floating fallen building. Turn left. Go upwards the building slope, away from the Silver Tears. Seek an open window. Jump down. Notice the Fallen Hawks Soldiers patrolling the area and make your way to the Nokron, Eternal City site of grace.

    Reaching Ancestral Woods Site of Grace

    Elden Ring: Finding the Ancestral Woods site of Grace in Nokron, Eternal City.

    You will need access to the bridge to reach the Ancestral Woods of Nokron, Eternal City. For that, you must defeat Mimic Tear. It can be a wonderful or a humiliating boss fight. You can ride Torrent on the bridge. Make a left just after the stone pillar on the bridge. Notice there’s an Ancestral Follower Shaman singing on a hill. Go down the path and stick to your left. You need to keep turning left to find the missable Ancestral Woods Site of Grace.

    Reaching Night’s Sacred Ground Site of Grace

    Elden Ring: Entering Night's Sacred Ground from the Ancestral Woods site of grace.

    To get to the Night’s Sacred Ground, you’ll have to do some more risky platforming. From the Ancestral Woods site of grace, jump from the cliff down to a ledge. Jump to the next ledge. Go left, and then go right. Jump across and keep going until you notice a circular roof. You may want to sprint and jump your way to the platform across it.

    Elden Ring: Finding the Night's Sacred Ground site fo grace in Nokron, Eternal City.

    Make your way past the Mimic Tears. Turn left and go straight ahead. Jump down the ledge crossing a broken pillar. Jump into the window and seek the ladder on the other side of the building. Make an exit and turn right. Make your way down the stairs, then to the edge where you can find the Night’s Sacred Ground site of grace.