The Tarnished at the Church of Inhibition in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: How to Reach the Church of Inhibition

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Key Takeaway

You can get to the Church of Inhibition by starting from the Grand Lift of Dectus and riding south. Deal with and pass through the Frenzy-Flaming Tower, pass through the Frenzied Flame Village, and you’ll eventually arrive at the Church of Inhibition.

The Church of Inhibition in Elden Ring is a place you can find in Liurnia of the Lakes. The place is tricky to get to on foot. Not only that, but it’s also hindered by a tower that inflicts madness.

Table Of Contents

    Finding the Church of Inhibition

    The Church of Inhibition is located in the northern region of Liurnia.

    The Church of Inhibition shown on the map in Elden Ring.

    To get to it, you’ll need to start on Bellum Highway. You can fast-travel or make your way to the Grand Lift of Dectus and begin your journey here.

    Dealing With the Tower

    From the Grand Lift of Dectus, begin making your way south and you’ll eventually spot a tower in the distance that emits a strange orange glow at the top of it. This orange orb inflicts madness once you’re in its line of sight long enough.

    The Tarnished riding towards the Frenzy-Flaming Tower.

    Make use of the boulders and the ledges as you get close to the tower to get away from the tower’s view. Slowly approach the tower and you’ll find a couple of frenzied rats at the base of it. Deal with these rats first.

    Once dealt with, ascend the tower and you’ll find Frenzied Villagers which are responsible for the massive burning, madness-inflicting orb. Defeat the villagers and the orb will completely disappear.

    Be sure to do this first before you continue to the Church of Inhibition as the tower will continue to deal madness to you if it’s left untended.

    Proceeding to the Church of Inhibition

    Now that the Frenzy-Flaming Tower has been dealt with, continue heading south until you reach the Frenzied Flame Village. Proceed through the village and pass through it to circle back north. This path will take you directly to the Church of Inhibition.

    Just before you reach the village, you’ll be invaded by Festering Finger Vyke. You can also run past him for now and activate the Site of Grace inside the church to ensure you’ll respawn here in case Vyke defeats you.

    The Tarnished invaded by Festering Fingerprint Vyke.

    Once defeated, Festering Finger Vyke drops a Furlcalling Finger Remedy, the Vyke’s War Spear, and a Fingerprint Grape. That final item is essential to progress Irina’s questline.

    You’ll find the body of a dead finger maiden inside the Church of Inhibition. You can use her blood to soak the Lord of Blood’s Favor for Varre’s questline.

    The Tarnished standing next to a dead finger maiden at the Church of Inhibition.