Exalted Flesh from Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Where to Find Exalted Flesh

Collect as many Exalted Flesh as you can to boost your attack power for a short period.

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Key Takeaway

The easiest way to get Exalted Flesh in Elden Ring is to craft it. This can be done by buying the Armorer’s Cookbook (3) from the merchant north of Fort Haight in Limgrave. You can also find Exalted Flesh scattered around the Lands Between.

Exalted Flesh is a consumable item in Elden Ring. Players who want to deal extra damage for a while will want this item, which is always welcome in this game. Players can either loot this item or craft it themselves.

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    What Does the Exalted Flesh Do?

    When you consume Exalted Flesh, your attack power increases by 20% for 30 seconds. This is a considerable boost and lasts a decent amount of time. Most boss fights in the game, if you’ve already familiarized yourself with their move sets long enough, last about one to two minutes.

    The Exalted Flesh shown on the menu in Elden Ring.

    In a game like Elden Ring, the longer a boss fight goes on, the higher your chances of dying are. Using Exalted Flesh during boss fights reduces the amount of time you’ll spend in that boss room by giving you a better chance of quickly depleting a boss’ health. Prepare at least three to four Exalted Flesh per boss battle and you’ll be good to go.

    In PvP, using an Exalted Flesh will only boost your attack power by 15% instead of 20%.

    Looting Exalted Flesh in Elden Ring

    There are only five places in the Lands Between that we know of where you can find and loot Exalted Flesh. The first one is in Stormhill, the northern section of Limgrave. From the Warmaster’s Shack, travel east and you’ll come across an enemy camp. The Exalted Flesh is on a corpse that’s lying on the ground on the eastern side of the camp.

    The location of the Exalted Flesh in Limgrave.

    You’ll find another Exalted Flesh in the Church of Dragon Communion, also in Limgrave. It’s also on a body that you’ll need to loot. The body is on top of the ruin southeast of the main church, overlooking the sea. Ride Torrent to get to the top of this ruin more easily.

    The location of the Exalted Flesh in the Church of Dragon Communion in Limgrave shown on the map.

    There’s another Exalted Flesh in Morne Tunnel in the Weeping Peninsula. There’s a shack in this tunnel that contains a chest. Open the chest to grab your Exalted Flesh.

    Morne Tunnel shown on the map in Elden Ring.

    There’s one Exalted Flesh in Stormveil Castle. In the hall where the Grafted Scion is, there’s a corpse under a wooden platform next to a group of nobles that are scattered around a fire pit. The corpse is holding an Exalted Flesh.

    The location of the Exalted Flesh in Stormveil Castle.

    Finally, loot your last Exalted Flesh in Leyndell. You’ll also need to loot this one from a corpse. The corpse is in the area in Leyndell beyond the gate below the East Capital Rampart. You’ll find the corpse slumped over the edge next to the tree that’s circled by tombstones.

    The location of the Exalted Flesh in Leyndell.

    How to Craft Exalted Flesh in Elden Ring

    The best way to gather multiple Exalted Flesh in Elden Ring is to craft them. You can get its recipe from the Armorer’s Cookbook (3) which you can buy from the Nomadic Merchant located north of Fort Haight in Limgrave.

    The location of the Nomadic Merchant in Mistwood.

    The following is the recipe to craft an Exalted Flesh:

    Rowa Fruits (5)

    The Tarnished picking up Rowa Fruits in Elden Ring.

    These can be found all around Limgrave and in Liurnia. When you pick Rowa Fruits in Elden Ring and rest at a Site of Grace, they’ll respawn. This means they can be farmed.

    The best place to farm for Rowa Fruits in the game is in Jarburg and in the open area in Limgrave around the Church of Elleh.

    Lump of Flesh

    Lump of Flesh from Elden Ring.

    This can be dropped by animal-type enemies in the game such as Boars, Bears, Lesser Runebears, Wolves, and Dogs. You can also get the Meat Peddler’s Ball Bearing from the Bell Bearing Hunter that spawns at the Church of Vows and give it to the Twin Maiden Husks. This will allow you to purchase this crafting material instead.

    Hefty Beast Bone

    Hefty Bone Beast from Elden Ring.

    This can be dropped by bigger animal-type enemies such as Lesser Runebears, Skeletal Slimes, Boars, Giant Crows, and Giant Dogs. You can also get the Bone Peddler’s Bell Bearing from the Bell Bearing Hunter that spawns at Warmaster’s Shack. Give this to the Twin Maiden Husks and you’ll be able to purchase Hefty Beast Bones from them.

    Arteria Leaf

    The Tarnished picking up an Arteria Leaf in Elden Ring.

    Arteria Leaves are found across the Lands Between. However, once these are picked up, they don’t respawn after you rest at a Site of Grace. The game does offer enough of them, though, despite its description pointing out that it’s “exceedingly rare to find.”

    One playthrough will net you more than 60 Arteria Leaves as long as you scour for them. There’s also a way to farm for these, giving you the chance to obtain even more.

    The Snow Trolls in the Mountaintops of the Giants have a 30% chance of dropping this material. The best place to farm for Arteria Leaves in the game is around the Giant’s Gravepost Site of Grace. There’s a lone Snow Troll west of said Site of Grace. The run between this enemy and the grace site is near enough to make this farming process relatively quick.