Celestial Dews from Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Where to Get Celestial Dew

Gather Celestial Dews to de-aggro NPCs

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In Elden Ring, Celestial Dews are consumable items used for absolution. This is a mechanic you can use whenever you accidentally attack NPCs. There are only a limited number of Celestial Dews in Elden Ring, so use the item wisely.

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    Using Celestial Dews in Elden Ring

    Using Celestial Dews in Elden Ring.

    Celestial Dews are used in absolution. This can be done at the basin in the Church of Vows in Liurnia.

    You can perform absolution in Elden Ring whenever NPCs turn hostile after you attack them. Take note, though, that once an NPC is dead, using a Celestial Dew won’t resurrect them.

    A Celestial Dew will simply “de-aggro” an NPC. This means they won’t attack you anymore when you return to them, making them seemingly forget your previous action that caused them to become hostile.

    This action can be very helpful for those who have accidentally angered certain NPCs by constantly attacking them. Once an NPC becomes hostile, any unfinished side quests tied to them will become inaccessible. Absolution is the only way to reverse this.

    If multiple NPCs have become hostile all at once, going to the Church of Vows and performing an absolution will de-aggro every single hostile NPC. This action will only consume one Celestial Dew.

    Alternatively, a Celestial Dew can also be used as a regular consumable item. When consumed outside of its original use of absolution, a Celestial Dew will recover HP and remove negative status effects.

    Celestial Dew at Raya Lucaria

    The location of the Celestial Dew in Raya Lucaria.

    From the Main Academy Gate Site of Grace, walk over to the path to the east and keep on going, past the wolves and the merchant, until you’re facing a massive gate. There’s a corpse on the ground leaning against the gate that holds a Celestial Dew.

    When approaching the gate, look up and you’ll notice a Bloodhound Knight clinging to the gate. This knight will drop on you and attack you when you get close. Consider this enemy while getting the item.

    Celestial Dew From Pidia at Caria Manor

    Pidia's location in Elden Ring shown on the map.

    An NPC named Pidia at the Caria Manor sells one Celestial Dew for 5,000 Runes. To access the area marked in the image above, drop to the Caria Manor tower from the Three Sisters.

    Celestial Dew From the Ainsel River Hermit Merchant

    The location of the Hermit Merchant in Ainsel River shown on the map.

    You can buy one Celestial Dew from the merchant in Ainsel River for 7,500 Runes. The merchant is in the building that’s guarded by a Malformed Star.

    Celestial Dew at Uhl Palace Ruins

    The location of the Celestial Dew in Uhl Palace Ruins shown on the map.

    The Uhl Palace Ruins in Ainsel River hide one more Celestial Dews for you to pick up. This one is on a corpse that’s slumped over a cliff overlooking a mausoleum.

    Celestial Dew at Nokron, Eternal City

    The location of the Celestial Dew in Nokron.

    You can find one more Celestial Dew in the ruins northeast of the bridge beyond the Mimic Tear boss area. You can access this building by going under the bridge which you can do by dropping from the cliff east of a Hallowhorn Ground fire pillar.

    The Celestial Dew is on a corpse that’s lying on the bottom floor of the ruin.

    Celestial Dews at Night’s Sacred Ground

    The location of the two Celestial Dews in Night's Sacred Ground.

    There are two Celestial Dews at the Night’s Sacred Ground. The first one is on a ledge behind a building that you get to by jumping down from the Ancestral Woods.

    The second is on a corpse that’s lying on the ground at the side of the path that leads to the mausoleum that houses the Fingerslayer Blade.

    Celestial Dews at Nokstella, Eternal City

    The location of the Celestial Dews in Nokstella.

    There are two more Celestial Dews you can pick up at Nokstella, Eternal City. The first one is on a corpse that’s lying before a closed door northwest of the Nokstella, Eternal City Site of Grace. The corpse is surrounded by Serpent Snails. The second one is in a gazebo, on a corpse that’s guarded by electric Silver Tears.

    Celestial Dew in Leyndell, Royal Capital

    The location of the Celestial Dew in Leyndell.

    The last Celestial Dew in Elden Ring is found in Leyndell. It’s on the upper section of the Erdtree Sanctuary which you can get to by heading to the balcony east of the Site of Grace and using the massive branch as a platform.

    From this section of the sanctuary’s upper level, take the northern exit and immediately head left. Jump over to the roof below and proceed to the open window to your left.

    Once inside, go over to the other side of the level and enter the room where you’ll find a corpse slumped over the ledge beside a ladder. Loot the corpse to obtain the Celestial Dew.