The player looting the Sword of Night and Flame from a chest.

Elden Ring: Where to Find the Sword of Night and Flame

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If you plan on exploring the Caria Manor in the north of Liurnia of the Lakes, you can find a legendary armament. You can locate the Sword of Night and Flame in a chest—but be ready for some parkour.

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    Start From the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace

    A player with a hammer standing inside the lower level floor of Caria Manor near a site of grace.

    The best place to begin your search for the Sword of Night and Flame is the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace. This Site of Grace is located on the first floor of Caria Manor. You can find it by traversing the courtyard full of hand enemies and going northwest from the manor’s main entrance. This will lead you to an entrance to Caria Manor’s interior.

    From the Manor Lower Level Site of Grace, head out the doorway nearby and across the stone walkway. The path to the Sword of Night and Flame differs from the progression path to this area’s boss. You’ll need to zigzag a bit across the parapets and debris before descending.

    Map directions from the manor lower level site of grace to he night of sword and flame's location. There is a red arrow showing the path.

    Walk straight to the first column, as you can go no other way. When reaching the column, take the northward path to another stone column. From that one, head east to the third stone column. From there, you’ll have to leap down some rooftops until you find a ladder that leads into a room that’s locked from the inside. The chest containing the Sword of Night and Flame will be in this room.

    Beware the Phantom Enemies and Traps

    The player encountering 2 blue phantom warriors that are being summoned.

    Along the elevated stone paths, you’ll have to deal with many phantom enemies that will spawn. These foes resemble basic soldier enemies that you’ve likely encountered in other places—but blue. The phantoms will be armed with medium shields, straight swords, crossbows, and small magical grenades. Thankfully, these threats don’t have much HP and are vulnerable while they are spawning. If you’re quick, you can take them down mostly before they can begin attacking you.

    Furthermore, there are certain blue candles along this path that can activate sorcery traps. If you happen to knock over one of these special candles, a bolt of magical energy will shoot up out of the ground shortly afterward.

    Grab the Rune Arc at the 3rd Stone Column

    Player looting a corpse for a rune arc in Caria Manor.

    On the southeast side of the third stone column will be a corpse with an item. You should definitely pick it up, as it’s a rare Rune Arc. However, don’t linger in the spot you loot it from, as a phantom soldier will spawn directly behind you and will begin attacking. Furthermore, two additional phantom soldiers will spawn nearby to try and swarm you. When you take them out, you’ll be safe to perform the next step in acquiring the Sword of Night and Flame.

    Drop Down the Rooftops North of the 3rd Stone Column

    The player in mid-fall as they drop down purposefully from a ledge to a rooftop nearby.

    Head to the north corner of the third stone column and look down to find the rooftop of a nearby building. You’ll want to leap from the ledge to this rooftop. Jumping from this height is not enough to hurt you, so there’s no need to worry about your HP. From the rooftop of this building, head to the north edge and look down once more to find another nearby rooftop.

    The player looking at a lower rooftop that has a hatch and a ladder leading downward.

    Here, you’ll also spot an opening with a ladder leading downwards and into the lower building. When you jump to this lower rooftop, be sure to aim for anywhere except for the hole with the ladder. You won’t take damage from dropping to the rooftop, but jumping down the hole will be certain death. However, after you make it to the lower rooftop, descend the ladder.

    The player descending a ladder from a rooftop in Caria Manor.

    In the room below, you’ll find a treasure chest as well as a door that you can open that leads outside into the manor’s courtyard. The chest here contains the Sword of Night and Flame, which you can loot in safety thanks to no threats being around.

    The Sword of Night and Flame’s Base Stats and Description

    The item description of the Sword of Night and Flame that mentions is a legendary armament of the Caria noble family.

    The most notable trait about this blade besides its beautiful appearance is the fact that it possesses three damage types. In addition to doing physical (standard/pierce) damage, the Sword of Night and Flame also does magic and fire damage. This legendary armament also possessed a unique skill, Night-and-Flame-Stance, that goes well with its magical and fiery potential. Furthermore, as is common for straight swords, the weight of this blade is relatively low at 4 units.

    The Sword of Night and Flame’s Base Attack Power

    • Physical – 87
    • Magic – 56
    • Fire – 56
    • Lightning – 0
    • Holy – 0
    • Critical – 100

    The Sword of Night and Flame’s Base Attribute Scaling

    • Strength – E
    • Dexterity – E
    • Intelligence – D
    • Faith – D
    • Arcane – No scaling

    The Sword of Night and Flame’s Attribute Requirements

    • Strength – 12
    • Dexterity – 12
    • Intelligence – 24
    • Faith – 24
    • Arcane – 0

    The Sword of Night and Flame’s Base Guarded Damage Negation

    • Physical – 36
    • Magic – 42
    • Fire – 42
    • Lightning – 26
    • Holy – 26
    • Guard Boost – 31

    The Night-And-Flame Stance Skill

    This unique skill is a variant of other ‘stance’ skills you can find on various weapons—particularly swords. However, this one allows you to cast either a sorcery spell called Night Comet or unleash a burst of flames. When you use this skill, your character will hold the Sword of Night and Flame level in preparation. Follow up with a normal attack to cast Night Comet or use a strong attack to sweep in front of yourself with a scorching strike.

    Lore of the Sword of Night and Flame

    When you take a look at the item description, you’ll learn that this legendary armament belongs to the Caria noble family, which explains why you find it in their manor. Though, it seems to have been an object handed down from generation to generation instead of being forged by the sorcery-loving Carias.

    The text accompanying this blade mentions that astrologers preceded sorcerers in this world and that these magical pioneers lived in the mountains. This was likely so they could observe the stars better, and, as a result, they became neighbors with the fearsome fire giants that rule the mountaintops. It seems that the harmony between the ancient astrologers and fire giants is the reason that the Sword of Night and Flame deals both magic and fire damage in equal amounts.

    The Combat Viability of the Sword of Night and Flame

    Immediately, veterans of previous FromSoftware action RPGs will be hesitant to use this blade because of the split damage. In Elden Ring and similar previous titles by FromSoftware, the defensive mechanics of the games give each being a unique defensive stat for each type of damage that they can encounter. Usually, the base defensive stats for most enemies, bosses, and other players in these games are fairly balanced to prevent a single type of damage from being overpowered.

    On average, weapons that have moderate attack power for multiple damage types won’t hit foes as hard as a weapon that has a high attack power for a single damage type. For example, a hammer that has high physical attack power will usually be more effective against most threats than a sword that has moderate physical, magic, and fire attack power.

    Though, don’t let this stop you from wielding this legendary armament if you wish to do so. The few enemies that are weak to both magic and fire damage will succumb quickly before the Sword of Night and Flame. There are also plenty of ways to maximize the damage output of this straight sword if you have a build that focuses on both the intelligence and faith stats. Additionally, the unique skill offers you two different special attacks that can be great for either sorcery or pyromancy enthusiasts.