The Night Comet from Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: Where to Get the Night Comet Sorcery

Your enemies will never see it coming.

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Key Takeaway

You can get the Night Sorcery at Sellia, Town of Sorcery. It’s in a chest behind the seal in the middle of the town. You can unlock the seals by lighting the three braziers on top of the three towers scattered around the town.

The Night Comet is a spell in Elden Ring that sorcery builds should give a shot. This spell is a powerhouse against enemies in-game and other players online. Its invisibility aspect is what makes this spell worth the effort.

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    Head to Sellia, Town of Sorcery

    The Night Comet is found in a chest in Sellia, Town of Sorcery in Caelid. See the image below for its exact location on the map.

    The location of Sellia shown on the map.

    The town can be easily accessed by simply following the main road in Caelid until it passes through the town of Sellia. You can also choose to cross the Aeonia Swamp to get to Sellia Under-Stair first. You can also speak to Gowry in his shack located before the southern entrance of the town, but his quest line and involvement aren’t necessary for the Night Comet sorcery.

    While exploring Sellia, you’ll notice that a couple of sections of the town are barred by a magical seal. Aside, of course, from the specters of sorcerers scattered around the town. The Night Comet is behind one of these seals.

    Unlocking the seals in Sellia requires you to light the braziers located at the top of towers scattered around the town. You’ll need to traverse the town’s rooftops with the help of Torrent to do so.

    First Brazier

    To get to the first tower, start at the elevated platform north of town. You’ll find a sealed gate and an Erdtree branch here. Head over to the missing piece railing next to the Erdtree branch and you’ll find a bigger branch below for you to run on. Jump down and proceed onwards to the tower ahead.

    The Tarnished looking over at the first tower brazier in Sellia.

    You’ll need to mount Torrent and double jump to get to the ladder that’s against the tower. Be careful, though. You can easily fall if you mistime your jump.

    Once you’ve successfully made the jump, climb the ladder and light the brazier.

    Second Brazier

    Head down the tower and look over to the south. You’ll see the next tower you’ll need to head towards.

    The Tarnished looking over at the second brazier in Sellia.

    Use the rooftops to make your way there. Just remember that if you’re unable to make a jump on foot, use Torrent’s double jump ability to your advantage. Also, remember to be mindful of the Marionettes and Avionettes here.

    Third Brazier

    From the second tower, look over to the east and you’ll immediately spot the third and final brazier. Once again, use the rooftops to navigate your way to this tower.

    The Tarnished looking over at the third brazier in Sellia.

    Once this brazier is lit up, every seal in Sellia will be broken — including the one that hides the Night Comet sorcery.

    The Night Comet’s Location

    The chest that contains the Night Comet is located in the center of the town. See the image below for its exact location.

    The location of the Night Comet shown on the map.

    What Makes the Night Comet Special?

    The Tarnished using the Night Comet on an enemy in Elden Ring.

    The most incredible aspect about this spell is that most, if not all enemies, won’t dodge it.

    One of the things sorcery builds find most annoying when playing the game as pure mage builds is the fact that enemies are able to dodge spells easily. The Night Comet removes that problem altogether.

    Night sorceries in Elden Ring are supposed to be invisible. While we can see the Night Comet leave our staff and fly towards an enemy, enemies supposedly aren’t able to see it. This is why they won’t dodge this attack. They simply don’t see it coming.

    This works for bosses too. Malenia, for example, dodges spells fairly easily. Fire a Night Comet at her, however, and she’ll simply stand there none the wiser.

    It’s also very effective in PvP. While it’s only “semi-invisible” in PvP so other players are still able to see it, it’s way harder to see compared to your average Glintstone shards.

    Another reason why the Night Comet is so effective in PvP is that it can’t be parried. Players can easily parry spells such as Glintstone Shards and other Glintstone-type spells with the Carian Retaliation Ash of War, Thops’ Barrier, or the Erdtree Shield. They don’t work for Night sorceries.

    You can make this spell even more powerful by equipping the Staff of Loss. The Staff of Loss is a sorcery staff that buffs Night sorceries. You don’t even have to equip the Staff of Loss in your main hand. You can simply equip it in your off-hand and fire the Night Comet with another staff that has a higher sorcery scaling in your main hand and the Night sorcery buff from the Staff of Loss will still apply.