The Medicine Bobblehead in Fallout 4

Fallout 4: Where to Find Every Bobblehead

Find each and every Bobblehead across the Commonwealth to gain important perk and stat boosts.

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Bobbleheads are essential items to be on the lookout for in Fallout 4. They provide useful stat and perk bonuses that really improve your game. But first, you’ll need to know where to find them all.

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    What Do Bobbleheads Do?

    It’s worth taking the time to adventure across the wasteland in Fallout 4. Not only because it’s a core part of the open-world experience, but also to hunt down helpful gear and items. Bobbleheads are amongst the most valuable pieces of loot in the game. This is because they specifically add bonus points to your character’s skill set.

    Every Bobblehead is different. Some of them permanently increase a particular S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat by one point. The rest provide a helpful permanent perk relating to either combat or utility skills. This could come in pretty handy if you need to quickly boost your speech, lock-picking, damage, or hacking abilities.

    Finding each Bobblehead will require some fairly widespread exploration, as they’re scattered across the map. However, it’s definitely worth seeking these elusive collectibles out for the benefits they have to offer.

    There are 20 individual Vault-Tec Bobbleheads to track down across the wasteland of the Commonwealth. Seven of these are S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Bobbleheads and the remainder boost specific weapons-related and utility-based perks.

    Bobblehead Checklist

    Where to Find Every S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Bobblehead

    You may want to prioritize finding these Bobbleheads first. They’ll immediately and permanently add one rank to each of your Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, Intelligence, Agility, or Luck skills.

    Strength Bobblehead

    Effect: permanently provides +1 Strength
    Location: Mass Fusion Building

    Strength Bobblehead location in Fallout 4

    You’ll find the Strength Bobblehead inside the Mass Fusion Building. It’s on one of the higher levels of the building, five floors up. This means you’ll need to clear out all of the enemies on your way up, so come prepared for a fight.

    On the fifth floor, jump onto the couch that’s up against the railings directly opposite the elevator shaft. You’ll find the Strength Bobblehead sitting on top of the metal wall statue that overlooks the lobby down below.

    Perception Bobblehead

    Effect: +1 Perception
    Location: Museum Of Freedom

    Preston Garvey in the Museum of Freedom in Fallout 4

    This is one of the easier Bobbleheads to locate, as you should come across it while completing When Freedom Calls. This is one of the first quests in the game. The Bobblehead is on the desk at the back of the room where you’ll first meet Preston Garvey and his core group of Minutemen-aligned settlers.

    Endurance Bobblehead

    Effect: +1 Endurance
    Location: Poseidon Energy

    Endurance Bobblehead location at Poseidon Energy in Fallout 4

    You’ll find Poseidon Energy in the southeastern section of the map. Located inside the abandoned power plant, the Endurance Bobblehead can be found in the main area of the building where there are a number of ramps leading to a central metal catwalk.

    There’s a room up here filled with raiders, as well as Cutty, a raider in Power Armor. Clear all of them and you’ll sfusee a metal desk and a steamer trunk beside it. The Bobblehead is on the desk, as is a Tesla Science magazine, for an additional bonus.

    Charisma Bobblehead

    Effect: +1 Charisma
    Location: Parsons State Insane Asylum

    Location of the Charisma Bobblehead Fallout 4

    You’ll find the Charisma Bobblehead inside Parsons State Asylum to the far northwest of the map. However, to get inside, you’ll need to have started The Secret of Cabot House, which is part of the Cabot family quest chain started via meeting Edward Deegan or visiting Cabot House in Boston directly.

    Once far enough through the Cabot quest chain, you’ll be able to head inside Parsons State Insane Asylum and follow Jack Cabot through the building. On making it to his office, you’ll find the Charisma Bobblehead on Jack Cabot’s desk.

    Intelligence Bobblehead

    Effect: +1 Intelligence
    Location: Boston Public Library

    The Intelligence Bobblehead in Fallout 4

    Boston Public Library is located in the Back Bay area of Boston. It’s been infiltrated by Super Mutants and lots of rogue Protectrons, so you’ll need to take them down on your hunt for the Intelligence Bobblehead. Enter the library via the side door in Back Bay as this makes it much easier to find the Bobblehead.

    After entering, you’ll need to clear some enemies and turrets, then head into the large room to your left. At the end of this room, there’s a smaller computer room. Make your way inside to find the Intelligence Bobblehead on top of one of the large control panel consoles.

    Agility Bobblehead

    Effect: +1 Agility
    Location: Wreck of the FMS Northern Star

    Agility Bobblehead located on the Wreck of the FMS Northern Star Fallout 4.

    To find the Wreck of the FMS Northern Star, make your way to the very southeast of the map. The shipwreck is just to the south of the Warwick Homestead settlement. You’ll need to make your way through the main body of the ship and up to the main deck. Head past the upper shack towards the most frontal part of the ship. The Agility Bobblehead can be found balancing on a beam right at the edge of the ship’s bow.

    Luck Bobblehead

    Effect: +1 Luck
    Location: Spectacle Island

    The green tugboat on Spectacle Island in Fallout 4

    You’ll be able to find the Luck Bobblehead on a half-submerged boat on Spectacle Island. The island itself is a bit of a swim off to the far east of The Castle. After making your way there, look for the southern side of the island and head to its shore. There’ll be a semi-wrecked green tugboat beached up here that you’ll want to check out.

    Search the boat as you see fit but be sure to check out the second-floor room which contains a steamer trunk and some lockers. The Luck Bobblehead is on the shelf of one of the open lockers in here.

    Where to Find Every Weapons Bobblehead

    These Bobbleheads are worth tracking down to bolster your combat skills and damage output. They’ll add permanent stat increases to a range of different weapons-related abilities.

    Big Guns Bobblehead

    Effect: +25% critical damage with heavy weapons
    Location: Vault 95

    Vault 95 location in Fallout 4

    The Big Guns Bobblehead can be found in Vault 95, which is a fairly large vault on the very northeast of the Glowing Sea. It’s directly west of the Somerville Place settlement. Vault 95 is a base for the Gunners, who also have Assaultrons at their disposal here, so make sure you come prepared for a fight.

    Once inside Vault 95, you’ll want to make your way down toward the residential area. Be aware that this area is heavily guarded. Make your way through the broken wall and turn right, going past the Gunner barricade.

    Carry on to the right through another bedroom and then turn left, passing through the broken wall here. You’ll see a room with two sofas and a radio playing on a table between them. The Big Guns Bobblehead is on top of the radio.

    Energy Weapons Bobblehead

    Effect: +25% critical damage with energy weapons
    Location: Fort Hagen Command CenterFort Hagen

    Fallout 4 Energy Weapons Bobblehead Location Fort Hagen

    You’ll need to have started the Getting A Clue main quest in Diamond City before you can access the elevator that leads to Fort Hagen Command Center. This will kick off the Reunions main story quest, during which time you’ll be able to access the command center and locate the Bobblehead.

    In the southwestern kitchens inside the Fort Hagen Command Center, you’ll find the Energy Weapons Bobblehead on a table wedged between two refrigerators.

    Explosives Bobblehead

    Effect: +15% explosive damage
    Location: Saugus Ironworks

    Explosives Bobblehead location in Fallout 4

    You’ll be fighting off the Forged inside Saugus Ironworks. Work your way through the factory until you reach the blast furnace room. Inside here you’ll need to take down the leader of the Forged, Slag, along with some other enemies.

    After doing so, you’ll be able to head up the ramps to Slag’s platform. You’ll find the Explosives Bobblehead on top of the control panel on the wall directly above the blast furnace. There’s a steamer trunk right next to the panel if you’re having trouble finding it.

    Melee Bobblehead

    Effect: +25% critical damage with melee weapons
    Location: Trinity Tower

    Trinity Tower in Fallout 4

    The Melee Bobblehead is at the very top of Trinity Tower, which is a central location to the east of Diamond City. You’ll need to make your way all the way up the tower and find the cages that characters Rex Goodman and the Super Mutant companion Strong are imprisoned in. Free the prisoners and check the makeshift table inside the cage. The Melee Bobblehead is on this table.

    Small Guns Bobblehead

    Effect: +25% critical damage with ballistic guns
    Location: Gunners Plaza

    Gunners Plaza in Fallout 4

    You’ll need to fight your way through the numerous Gunners in Gunners Plaza to locate the Small Guns Bobblehead. As the Gunners HQ, there are plenty of enemies to take down here, but be sure to keep an eye out for Ryder or Cruz. Both of these Gunners have a key you can loot which will give you access to the GNN recording room.

    This room is on the western side of the ground floor of the building. You can also pick the lock if you have Master-level lockpicking. Once inside, you should see the Small Guns Bobblehead on the main broadcast desk.

    Unarmed Bobblehead

    Effect: +25% critical damage with unarmed attacks
    Location: Atom Cats Garage

    The Unarmed Bobblehead at the Atom Cats Garage Fallout 4

    The Unarmed Bobblehead is fairly easy to find. Inside the main warehouse area of the Atom Cats Garage, look for a rusty-looking car. The Unarmed Bobblehead is perched on its hood.

    Where to Find Every Utility Skill Bobblehead

    These Bobbleheads will provide additional, permanent boosts to key Fallout 4 skills such as speech, healing, hacking and stealth, to name a few. They’re definitely worth tracking down as these utility perks can have a real impact on your character’s ability to interact with the characters and environmental challenges Fallout 4 will throw at them.

    Barter Bobblehead

    Effect: 5% better prices when buying and selling
    Location: Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery

    The Barter Bobblehead in Fallout 4

    Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery is located on the northeastern coast of the map, just south of the Kingsport Lighthouse settlement. Make your way inside and head around to the right, across the catwalks to the northern end of the building.

    Make your way up the ramps until you find the office room here that looks out over the main cannery assembly area. The Barter Bobblehead is on top of a broken terminal on a desk here. For an added bonus you can also loot a Tales of a Junktown Jerky Vendor magazine from the same desk.

    Lock Picking Bobblehead

    Effect: makes lockpicking easier
    Location: Pickman Gallery

    Location of the Lock Picking Bobblehead in Fallout 4

    You’ll need to explore the lower levels of the Pickman Gallery to find this Bobblehead. The gallery is full of raiders so you’ll need to deal with them first. You can access the lower levels via a Master-level locked doorway on the ground floor. If your lockpicking isn’t great, you can head up to the top floor, find the gap in the wall in the attic bedroom and drop down through the gaps in the floorboards to the basement level.

    From there, follow the route through the tunnels, dispatching enemies as you go. Eventually, you’ll come to a central chamber where Pickman and the raider Slab will get into a fight. Deal with this situation as you wish and then look around on the floor once there’s no further threat.

    At the central pillar of the room, there’s a trash can fire. Next to it will be the Lock Picking Bobblehead. For an extra bonus, there’s also an Astoundingly Awesome Tales magazine on the floor near the steamer trunk.

    Medicine Bobblehead

    Effect: increases healing from stimpaks by 10%
    Location: Vault 81

    Location of the Medicine Bobblehead Fallout 4

    You’ll only be able to find the Medicine Bobblehead once you’ve started working through the Hole In The Wall questline in Vault 81. It can be found on the desk in robot Curie’s office, which is in the lower levels in the southeastern section of the vault.

    Repair Bobblehead

    Effect: increases the duration of fusion cores by 10%
    Location: Corvega Assembly Plant

    Corvega Assembly Plant in Fallout 4

    The Corvega Assembly plant is located in the Lexington area and is occupied by lots of raiders. You’ll need to reach the roof area of the plant to find the Bobblehead, so make sure you think about your sneak or combat strategy here.

    Once you’ve made it onto the roof, you need to look for the large blue spherical tank. It’s the one with the red ‘Corvega’ lettering running around it. It’s also the highest exterior structure, so you’ll need to follow the light blue-colored catwalk around carefully. The Repair Bobblehead is located right at the very top, at the very end of the catwalk. It’s on a wooden crate next to a lantern.

    Science Bobblehead

    Effect: grants one extra guess when hacking terminals
    Location: Vault 75Malden Middle School

    Science Bobblehead location in Fallout 4

    There’s a vault underneath Malden Middle School, which you can find to the southwest of the Greentop Nursery settlement. Vault 75 is occupied by Gunners, so you’ll need to fight them off as you make your way to the third basement level. You’ll need to get hold of the Vault 75 lab access card to get into the science lab section of the vault, where the Bobblehead is located. You can do this by looting it from the corpse of the Gunner commander in the main dining area, or by picking it up from the tool case next to him.

    Once inside the lab, you’ll find the Science Bobblehead on the desk in the office that looks out over the combat simulation area.

    Sneak Bobblehead

    Effect: makes the player 10% harder to detect
    Location: Dunwich Borers

    Dunwich Borers in Fallout 4

    You’ll need to explore the deeper parts of the caves in Dunwich Borers to find this Bobblehead. The quarry itself can be found in the northeastern area of the map, to the east of The Slog settlement.

    Once inside the quarry, you’ll need to progress downward as far as you can through the caves. You’ll need to pass through a couple of doors on the lowest level, but follow the path around to the right after the second door. You’ll find the Bobblehead in this area on a table beside a terminal. It’s on the right-hand wall and is called Station 4 Terminal, with the digit 4 up above it. This one is quite easy to miss so be sure to turn your Pip-Boy light on to find things more easily.

    Speech Bobblehead

    Effect: gives all vendors an extra 100 bottle caps to use when bartering
    Location: Vault 114Park Street Station

    Speech Bobblehead location Fallout 4

    The Speech Bobblehead can be found inside Vault 114, which you’ll reach if you make your way through Park Street Station in Boston Common. You’ll need to deal with mobster Skinny Malone and his gang of Triggermen on your way to Vault 114, but it’s well worth it. In doing so, you’ll not only locate the Speech Bobblehead but also find synth detective Nick Valentine, who becomes an important companion in the rest of your game.

    After working your way through Vault 114, the Speech Bobblehead can be found on the Overseer’s desk in the Overseer’s office, right where Nick Valentine is being held captive.